Cosmic Chasm


This is a very interesting and fun game to play. In Cosmic Chasm you fly your starfighter through a number of chambers in order to reach the central core, drop a bomb, and leave the chambers before the bomb goes off. Simple enough? Well, in each chamber you face two challenges: diamond-shaped protectors and an expanding “planet.” Your starfighter is equipped with laser guns, a drill, and shields.

You need to eliminate all (preferably) the protectors before the planet expands too much making it impossible for you to move in the chamber and, essentially, making you lose a life. Once you’ve eliminated your targets you move to one of the “doors” and use your drill to open it to move into another chamber. There is a map at the beginning of the stage that shows you how the chambers are connected so you can plot your course through to the central core. Once in the core, you kill of the diamonds, drop the bomb, and then you have 15 seconds to backtrack through the chambers you already cleared to an exit. Exit doors are located in the chambers at the edge of the map. This game is fun and I don’t see it getting boring as you never start in the same chamber, the chambers don’t connect the same way when the game restarts, and there is enough randomness in each chamber to keep you busy. Sounds are pretty good for the game (particularly the drill!)


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