Debris Revisited


Debris Revisited is a re-release of the original Debris game from 2005 but with some improvements. This game supports the VecVox add-on for additional sound effects, music and even speech! Debris Revisited is a vertical shooter where you command a starship that has to destroy different kinds of enemy ships, asteroids, and boss ships.

The enemies have varied behaviors which keeps the game challenging. The asteroids require three shots to be destroyed and the boss ships, though not having particular personalities, are fun to battle and not too difficult to handle. The game also has two additional unlockable modes (reversed, invaders, and hardcore) which you can make available by playing the minigame included with Debris Unlimited, Astrododge. Reaching scores of 1000 and 1250 in Astrododge unlock the first two modes. In Astrododge you have to control your ship and avoid all the incoming asteroids in order to survive and score points. Each passed asteroid gives you 10 points. Sounds easy? Believe me, it is not! The control scheme uses both the joystick and the buttons for movement on both Debris Revisited and Astrododge. You cannot fire while playing Astrododge. This game has a two-player mode as well but that means that you cannot hear the digitized sounds from the VecVox. Debris Revisted and Astrodoge offer a unique way to save your scores on the internet. Whenever you finish a game a code appears on screen that you can then save online. Overall, a fun game and one to consider adding to your Vectrex collection.


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