Birds of Prey


Birds of Prey is a homebrew adaptation of the arcade game Phoenix, though with some differences. As in the arcade, there are two screens with small birds, two screens with large birds, and the mothership screen. You are equipped with shields and an endless supply of ammo as you shoot the birds out of the sky.

Killing the small birds is a much easier task than killing the big birds. You can kill the smaller birds by shooting them or letting the hit your shield. In the arcade, the large birds explode to a two splitting masses when hit in the middle and lose their wings if you hit them on their wings instead of the mid-body. This is missing in Birds of Prey. For better or worse, you must hit these birds square in the middle if you want to get rid of them. This is much easier to do when the wave starts but once they are full-sized birds, you have to be very precise in hitting them. Once you hit them in the middle, the birds do split like in the arcade and, I must say, it looks very well done. The final screen with the mothership is also different. Instead of having to “dig” into the bottom of the ship, there is an opening already in the middle but you must contend with lots of birds defending the mothership plus fire from the mothership itself before you can destroy it. Sound effects for the game are excellent. This title is certainly fun to play and well worth it.


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