Nebula Commander

Nebula Commander is a space combat strategy game for the Vectrex that truly shines. This game can be played against another person or against the AI. In Nebula Commander your goal is to gain control of “the” Nebula by destroying your enemy’s space station. You see, both of you have decided to build space stations inside this innominate nebula but only one of you can take control. In order to succeed, you collect space crystals with your station’s tractor beam.

The space crystals randomly appear in the space surrounding the two space stations. Crystals will keep moving toward you as long as you keep the beam on them but when when they are close enough you can let go. Of course, you are not the only one who wants these precious crystals. Your enemy will be pulling these crystals toward its station as well and you may end up playing tug-o-war. As you accumulate crystals and raise your energy levels, you manufacture missiles and destroyers in order to attack your opponent. Destroyers will fire a single missile at your enemy continuously at a periodic rate, so it may be advantageous to use them. But look out! Your enemy has sent missiles and destroyers of their own to attack you! What do you do? You can try targeting them with missiles and you can also repel their attack with your shields. This is certainly a fun game to play and one that is best enjoyed played with a friend. Playing against the AI is extremely difficult and it just takes you apart in no time. Nebula Commander is an excellent game that every Vectrex owner should have!


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