Barnyard Blaster


You and your grandpa have decided it is time to leave the city and move into a farm. You use your savings to get a few acres of land with a farmhouse with cornfields and several farm animals. Unbeknownst to you, the farm has not been tended very well and when you sit on the back porch you notice that there are tons of vermin infesting it.

Well, these vermin are not welcome and you decide to grab your gun to let them know how is boss. Grandpa, of course, has your back. Barnyard Blaster is a lightgun game that must have been Atari’s answer to Nintendo’s Duck Hunt. Unlike Duck Hunt, this game has three different areas for the player to shoot in: the barnyard, the cornfield, and the barn. Each of these areas has both static and moving targets for the player to shoot at. You have 40 bullets in each area that you can use, so you have to try to be accurate with your shots as you must hit a certain percentage of targets to be able to advance to the next area. Once an area is done, your score is displayed and a bonus is tallied for the bullets you have left. In addition to the three standard areas, there is a bonus screen where Grandpa throws bottles you can shoot for extra points. Barnyard Blaster has very nice graphics that are colourful, detailed, and well done. Unfortunately, the game falters in its gameplay because it is rather easy and it won’t hold your interest for a long time. Unfortunate, because it could have been quite fun if it had difficulty levels to choose from to up the challenge.


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