Ballblazer was first released in 1984 on Atari 8-Bit systems and has the honour of being one of the two titles for the 7800 that included a POKEY chip in its cart. This was an excellent move by Atari as one of the best aspects of this game is its catchy music that would not have been possible with the TIA chip.

This game also gives us an idea of what sound would have been like had every 7800 title been given a POKEY chip! Ballblazer is set in the year 3097, where it is the sport of the time. The action takes place on the null-gravity nexus located between the Kalaxon and Kalamar star systems and you are the first player from Earth who has made it to the championship. If you are able to win this last round of competitions, you will become a Masterblazer and bring Earth great honour. Board your Rotofoil and get ready for the action to start as the “Song of the Grid” plays through the headphones in your helmet. Ballblazer can be considered a futuristic version of soccer where the player controls a vehicle with the goal of getting a ball through a pair of goalposts on the opposite side of the playing field. Of course, the other player (be it a second player or the computer) will try to steal the ball from you to achieve the same goal. Stealing is done by shooting blasts of air at the ball to remove it from your opponent’s grip. Ballblazer has 3D graphics with a split screen and it looks, sounds, and plays great. This truly is yet another must-have title for your 7800 game library.


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