Commando was a vertically scrolling shoot ‘em up released to the arcades in 2985 by Capcom. The game was ported to various home systems and the 7800 was not left out, something I’m really glad of because this is a great game. In the game you play the role of a commando who must fight against overwhelming odds to defeat the rebel forces that have taken over.

Armed with only a rifle and a few hand grenades, you must traverse hostile territory and avoid enemies that come at you from every direction, caves, trenches, and strongholds. Your goal is to reach the fortress at the end of each section, fortresses that serve as the enemy’s headquarters. Along the way, keep an eye out for additional weapons you can use to help you survive. Automatic weapons help you unleash major firepower against your enemies and boxes help you replenish grenades. Keep watch also for vehicles and officers as these can be destroyed for bonus points. Commando is fast paced with non-stop action. The game requires that you remain constantly in motion and a keen eye as there are bullets coming at you from every direction. Bodies of water are to be avoided as your commando will die if he enters any of them (I guess he can’t swim!). Commando has beautifully rendered graphics and a superb musical score and sound effects thanks to the POKEY chip in the cart. This is the second 7800 game with that chip and it definitely makes a difference. It is best to play this game using a pad controller over the joystick because your hands will get cramped quite fast with the latter. Nonetheless, it is an excellent title that every 7800 owner should have.


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