There are certain games that little in terms of introduction and Asteroids is one such game. Released in the arcades in 1979, Asteroids was a hit for Atari and they made sure most of their systems had a version available for home gamers to enjoy. The 7800, of course, was not left behind and it has its own unique version of the game.

Unlike the arcade, this version does not have vector graphics but, rather, raster graphics that go for a 3D feel. Everything is colourized and the asteroids are nice round rocks that are animated to rotate quite well and that are detailed so you can even see craters on them. As with the arcade, alien ships are also here and they have also been enhanced in appearance. The action is fast paced and there are four different skill levels for you to choose from. What makes this make so unique, though, is not just its visual changes but the fact that you can also select two-player simultaneous modes! Yes, you can play with or against a friend at the same time rather than having to take turns to see who gets the highest score. Of course, that standard two-player alternating mode is also available but the simultaneous modes rock and make this title a pretty unique version of Asteroids. Fans of the original arcade game will miss the vector graphics but the gameplay has certainly been captured very well. Asteroids is a not-to-be-missed title in your 7800 game collection. Now go grab a friend and turn some space rocks into dust!


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