Shadow Squadron


You are a member of Shadow Squadron, the pride of the Fleet Academy and the defenders of The Planetary Systems. You were only a Cadet First Class until a short moment ago when you got a field promotion to Captain and to Flight Officer! The enemy has attacked Outpost 51 in sector 7 and the Acceleration Gate that can get the fleet from Sector 11 to the area is not yet complete. You must go into Sector 7 and attack the enemy and stop them on their tracks.


Fail and the 17 major planetary systems will be in danger. Shadow Squadron is a first person space shooter for the 32X that not only looks great but also plays very well. You select between two types of ships: Feather 1 or Feather 2. Feather 1 is a light fighter that comes equipped with auto laser guns (semi guided), guided laser torpedoes and a Spectral Shield. This ship is highly manoeuvrable and lets you more easily target enemies. Feather 2 has heavy lasers, energy torpedoes, and strong shields (but not Spectral Shields). Unfortunately, this larger and heavier fighter does not manoeuver as well as Feather 1 but it certainly can do more damage. Feather 2 also offers both autopilot and manual pilot control. Choose wisely! Shadow Squadron has very nice graphics that take advantage of what the 32X can do. Some of the enemy ships are huge, so much so that you can even fly inside of them. Controller response, important for this type of game, is excellent but it does take some getting used to. The game is best enjoyed with a 6-Button controller. Overall a pretty good game for the 32X.


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