Mortal Kombat II


Challengers, welcome to the Outworld. Shao Kahn, ruler of this land, is the host of a fighting tournament. But this isn’t just any tournament for if the Outworlders win, they will take control of the Mother Realm – Earth itself! Are the Earth warriors strong enough to protect their world? Their skills will first be tested in timed kombat and only upon passing this test will they face their Outworld hosts.


First kombat will take place against the demon Shang Tsung, followed by kombat with the half human-half dragon Kintaro, and lastly kombat with the supreme ruler himself, Shao Kahn! The second on the Mortal Kombat series, MKII was released in the arcades in 1993 and ported to multiple home systems, including the Genesis/MD. Sega took the opportunity to port this award-winning title to the 32X to enhance the port originally created for their 16-bit console. This version is, perhaps, one of the best home ports of the original. Like the arcade game, this port adds story elements and the “fatalities” animations showing the victor eliminating their foe. Visually the game is as bloody as you’ve come to expect from the MK series of games. This version also adds some of the digitized still images seen on the arcade and offers excellent sound and voice synthesis. To best enjoy MKII, I highly recommend that you use a 6-Button controller as it will make it easier to employ the special moves and many of the kombat attacks you’ll need to defeat your enemies. This is another winner for the 32X!


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