Colibris, or hummingbirds, is are small, colourful birds with iridescent feathers. Their name comes from the fact that they flap their wings so fast (about 80 times per second) that they make a humming noise. Hummingbirds are amazing to look at given their rapid movement in the air but also because of their beautiful colours. Is playing a game where control a colibri (or kolibri) any fun, though? The story Kolibri finds Earth damaged by a dark crystal.

You see, twin crystals were flung into space when their planet of origin exploded. The light crystal made it to Earth first, burying itself deep into the planet, and helped nature evolve into a beautiful world. Unfortunately, the dark crystal has found its way to Earth and, upon crashing on the planet, has changed the beauty of the planet into a cancerous disease. The light crystal has felt the effects of its evil twin on the planet and it has infused Kolibri, the hummingbird, with its power so it can act as an antibody capable of combatting the evil that affects the world. Kolibri must fly through different parts of the world eliminating dangerous insects, collecting rings, and bursting bubbles with power ups. The bubbles come from destroyed enemies and the rings can be used as shields (they can only take one hit). Kolibri has beautiful and nicely coloured graphics but the gameplay can be confusing. It’s hard to tell what kind of weapon you’ll find in the bubbles and, even if you get these special weapons, they don’t appear to be very powerful. The screen lacks any score, life energy, or weapon select indicators which is not helpful. Sadly, despite the beautiful graphics, this is not a strong title for the system.


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