Primal Rage


Sometime in the future Earth has been hit by a meteor and human civilization collapsed. The Earth itself has changed and the continents have once again merged into a large supercontinent (shaped like a T-Rex skull) that is covered by a primitive rainforest. In this world humans have regressed and they now refer to their planet as Urth. It is in this Urth that gigantic creatures that look like the ancient dinosaurs but that have intelligence.


In fact, they are divided into what are deemed Virtuous gods and Destructive gods, gods of peace and gods of war. These creatures have formed clans and humans serve in these but life is not at peace as the gods fight for control of Urth. Primal Rage is a fighting game where the player controls dinosaurs or large simians instead of humans. The player can select from a number of creatures to fight, each with different skills and special moves. Though there is also a Genesis/MD version of the game, this 32X version has more colours and greater detail for the creatures and the backgrounds. The fights have plenty of blood as the creatures hurt each other and things move at a very fast pace. It is funny to see the humans adoring the monsters as they fight each other. This game is best enjoyed using the 6-Button controller and it is best enjoyed with a second player. Overall, this is a good version of the game that fans of the title will enjoy. After all, who doesn’t like to see dinosaurs fighting?


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