Welcome to the world of Tuul. Once a peaceful world, Tuul is a world in pain and chaos. When Thoros, the last King of Tuul died, his body was transformed into two stones of power: the Lightstone and the Darkstone. The stones were inherited by his twin sons who divided Tuul into Androth and Ka’dra’suul. Androth revered the Lightstone and prospered. Ka’dra’suul buried the Darkstone and was drained of its resources while its people were transformed into hideous creatures.

Jealous of the Androthi, Ka’dra’suul invaded Androth and enslaved its people turning the Xandralite mines into prisons. Two decades have passed and you now have to save the people of Androth. You’ve lived on Earth not knowing of your role but you’ve been brought back home to find the Lightstone and defeat Sarlac, keeper of the Darkstone and the evil ruler of Tuul. Blackthorne is an adventure platformer that can only be described as a gem for the 32X. The game is best enjoyed using the 6-Button controller, though it can certainly be played with the standard controller. The visuals of Blackthorne are detailed and colourful and the characters are well animated. The Ka’dra’suul creatures look amazing and they certainly have character. They laugh at you and goad you as you travel through the mines in order to rescue prisoners. Your main weapon is a shotgun (that you can use or holster) but there are special weapons that can be found and used such as mines. A password feature lets you start where you left off. If you have 32X, you must have this game. If you don’t have a 32X for your Genesis/MD, get one so you can play this game.

RVG Rating
  • 90%
    Gameplay - 90%
  • 90%
    Graphics - 90%
  • 90%
    Sound - 90%


If you don’t have a 32X for your Genesis/MD, get one so you can play this game.


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