You’ve done it, you’ve disobeyed orders from your commanding officer and now you’ve been sent to the dullest post there is as punishment, Mars station. What you don’t know, though, is that things are about to get crazy. A team of scientists from the Union Aerospace Corporation is running experiments on teleportation and, before they know it, things turn for the worse as the station is overrun by some sort of demon creatures.

It is up to you to clear the station of its invaders. Doom is a first person perspective shooter where the player controls an unnamed marine as he moves inside the demon-infested station.The game was first released for PC but it saw adaptations to various computer and home consoles. Using the capabilities of the 32X, Sega adapted the game for its system and created a rather good port of the venerable game. The game graphics are fairly good but they do have an annoying stone border for some odd reason In other words, your view is through a smaller window that on other ports. The animation, however, is smooth and the game control is responsive and brisk. If you are looking to see gore, that certainly has been included as well. There is in-game music, though many complain that it doesn’t sound well perhaps because of the high level of bass it incorporates. Nonetheless, I don’t find it to be so bad and it does add to the ambiance. Doom for the 32X may not be perfect, but it is a good port that is worth playing.


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