I, Cyborg


I, Cyborg is a third-person perspective one-player game in which the player sees the main character from behind. This is a unique and original title for the Vectrex system that has a science fiction theme and is full of enemies to challenge the player. You are cyborg who has been wrongfully imprisoned for two years by the Robot Empire and now you have restored your energy cells and are ready to face your captors. I, Cyborg is divided into four different areas, each area containing a series of phases, and each area ending in a battle with a boss robot.

There are plenty of enemies to deal with and this is something that makes this game quite challenging. Some enemies take multiple hits to destroy while other cannot be destroyed at all and have to be avoided. As you move through the phases within each area, you use your unlimited supply of an electrified acid mist as your main weapon. During the boss phase of the game, your cyborg is equipped with a special weapon necessary to defeat each boss. You only have one cyborg to play but he can sustain up to 10 enemy hits before dying (with most enemies). Each time the cyborg gets hit, a number is displayed briefly within his body to let you know how many more hits he can sustain. When you kill a robot boss, you are given a code that you can enter at the title screen when you return to play so you can start where you left off. While there is no in-game music, the title screen does have a nice tune and the sounds during the game are effective. I think this is a fascinating game, it is well made, and one that requires skill and precision.


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