Another arcade classic makes its way to the Vectrex and this one is a winner. If you’ve never played Frogger before (shame on you!), the game involves helping a frog cross a busy street while avoid being squished by a vehicle, followed by crossing a river by jumping over logs and turtles to the other side.

This has to be done five times to fill up the top of the screen. The arcade had colourful graphics and music and showed the vehicles, logs, and turtles from the “top.” The Vectrex doesn’t have colour but it plays the Yankee Doodle tune in the titles and when the game starts. Unfortunately, there is no music during the game itself and sounds are a bit limited. The game also offers a different perspective of the objects, showing them sideways (to make it easier to know what they are) which works quite well. The game also introduces some very well done animations (intermissions) with music whenever a frog either gets killed or succeeds at the crossing. If the frog gets killed, you get an explanation of why it was killed along with an animation that converts the frog into a RIP sign. If successful, the frog turns into a happy frog on a lily leaf. It is cool and a nice touch for the game. This game also has a “pause” feature by pressing button number four, which is a nifty addition. This is only a one player game but a must have for the system.


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