If you love card games, you’re sure to love Hexed! Hexed is a turn-based game where you are pitted against a dealer who essentially throws back at you what look like tarot cards. These cards all have a certain effect on both you and the dealer, something that is measured by means of “life orbs” that appear toward the top of the screen.

The larger the life orb, the stronger your life force. Essentially, your goal is to drain the dealer of its life force while keeping your own life force at a strong enough level to survive the challenge. This is achieved by using the different cards you are dealt individually or in combinations. Not all cards can be combined but if you have the proper set you can used them well against the dealer. Some card types include amulets that steal life force from your opponent, shrunken heads that decreases the opponents power, pixie potions to increase orb power, and voodoo sun to infect the other player. You yourself can become infected and you can only be cured if you get a pixie stick card. Until you find one, you will lose life force at each turn taken. You have one advantage over the dealer as you alone can combine compatible cards and can hold good combinations to use later. The dealer must use whatever card it gets. Hexed has simple graphics and minimal sound but it is quite an entertaining game. It will surprise you!


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