Hyper Chase


Hyperchase is a racing game that bears a similarity to Enduro for the Atari 2600. Despite its name, there is nothing to chase. Visually, this game is quite impressive. The roads, trees, and other objects around the road are scaled very smoothly to give proper perspective. In fact, it is impressive to see how many different things and landscapes this game shows around you. Because you are looking from behind and top down at your car, you get an excellent view of the road ahead.

Interestingly, the road never truly curves but, instead, it undergoes an interesting change in perspective to let you know that you are turning. It is different from how other racing games do it but it works quite well. The sound of the engine revving up works perfectly and the animation when you hit something (the wall or other cars) is very nice. The game offers two variations: you can race to get the best time, or you can race for points. Unfortunately, not everything is rosy with Hyperchase. Controlling your car is challenging because the sensitivity of the joystick is, well, hyper. Try using an Overdrive controller as it works much better. Collision detection doesn’t work very well either and sometimes the other cars on the road just go through you while, other times, they simply appear on top of you and kill you. Of course, one could say this is just part of the challenge of Hyperchase and simply have fun with it. Overall, this is a fun driving game despite its shortcomings and I do recommend it.


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