Fortress of Narzod


Despite its rather unusual name, Fortress of Narzod is a very enjoyable and unique shooter. In Fortress you guide your ship through a simulated 3D canyon while destroying enemy ships. What makes it different from other shooters isn’t the 3D canyon but how it is used. Both your bullets as well as those of your enemy bounce around the canyon so you have to be careful how your own shots bounce because you can end up destroying yourself.

You can also strategize how you want your shots to bounce to maximise their effect within the canyon. Your enemies vary in shape, size, and behaviour and some don’t just vanish when they are shot. Their carcasses stay and block your shots for several seconds. This is important when things get hectic and there are bullets bouncing all over the place. Oh, did I mention bullets kill each other also? Unlike many shooters, you don’t just move horizontally. You have the ability to move vertically as well which adds to the strategy and becomes important when you have enemies beneath you! Time to put those bouncing bullets to good use! Once you have completed the stage, you are allowed to enter the fortress into the next level. Once you have completed all stages, you get your own private face off with Narzod (I’ve yet to make it there myself!). The game offers three difficulty levels and has a two-player option as well. This one is a winner.


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