Floigan Bros


Floigan Brothers? Who the heck are the Floigan Brothers? The only gaming brothers I know are Mario and Luigi! Well, get ready to meet Hoigle and Moigle, two wacky brothers who love to help each other. They both run the family junkyard. Hoigle is a small guy but he’s the handy one, usually having to help Moigle get stuff.

In fact, Moigle is trying to create some contraption and he and Hoigle have to work together to get all the needed parts. Moigle is a much bigger guy, so he has to help Hoigle at times if they are to complete tasks. There are also three mice that live in the junkyard who will give helpful hints to the brothers. Try to catch one if you want even more help! Floigan Brothers is a unique and original game for the Dreamcast that is loads of fun. The game is an adventure-type game where you take control of Hoigle in order to help Moigle. You will need to do things yourself but you’ll also have to play with Moigle, change his mood, point stuff out to him, and even get him to help you complete tasks that you can’t complete alone simply because you are too small. To help you learn the controls, the game has a “Cookies” module where you’re essentially in the kitchen helping Moigle bake some chocolate chip cookies. Then you can go into the main game to get all the parts needed for Moigle’s project. Floigan Brothers has great cartoon-like graphics that are bright and colourful. The game music is good and, surprisingly, the voice acting is really good as well. If you are looking for something a bit different, Floigan Brothers is for you.


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