Donald Duck Going’ Quackers



It’s June 5th and Duckburg’s famous reporter, Daisy, has been reported missing. Daisy had somehow managed to infiltrate Merlock’s secret temple and, while attempting a live transmission, she was detected by the evil magician. The signal broke and Daisy vanished. It’s June 6 and Donald Duck has decided he must save Daisy.

With assistance from Gyro Gearloose, Donald will be able to transport to Merlock’s temple but, first, he must help Gyro get some additional components to make his transporter powerful enough to penetrate the temple. Donald must transport to various sites in the world to get the necessary components. On his mission, Donald must gather the pieces of the Boss Warp Pad, find his nephews’ toys (which are under Merlock’s spell) and beat Glandstone Gander’s time. There are 22 levels that Donald must search through if he is to save Daisy. Going’ Quackers is a really fun title for the Dreamcast. The gameplay is straightforward and easy to learn, since the game was really targeted at younger players, but that does not mean adults can’t enjoy it. I think the issue for older players will be that the game isn’t huge. Nonetheless, the game has very good graphics and sound. The landscapes are beautifully rendered and the characters are well designed and animated. While drawn with polygons, they retain the classic looks from the Disney cartoons. Game sounds and music really add to the atmosphere of the game. The tune that plays through the game is catchy and never gets old. There are some cool tunes also when Donald achieves certain tasks (and he even dances to some of them). The control works perfectly and you can even add a Jump Pack for some force feedback. Donald Duck Goin’ Quackers is a really good game that all can enjoy.


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