Cool Herders


Cool Herders is a game in which you can play against three other gamers with the goal of grabbing the most sheep by either herding them yourself or by stealing them from your enemy once you’ve properly hit them on the head! For this mode of play, the game has various options that will let you adjust the challenge. The timer can be set to 30, 60, 90 or infinite minutes, you can choose the number of matches that must be won, how you win (by sheep or by score), whether to play against the CPU or friends, and the sheep speed. Sound effects, music, and autosave can also be adjusted here.


In addition to this multiplayer mode, the game also has a “Story Mode.” Now you have become Zeus and you must rescue your sheep from the evil Iskur. In story mode it is imperative that you read the instructions before each area starts if you want to be successful. So, in one level you may be asked to collect as many sheep as possible in 30 seconds but with a minimum number of sheep if you want to move to the next level. In others you may have to compete with other herders and get the most if you want to advance. There are power ups as well but you have to work hard to get them. Cool Herders has some cool, cartoony graphics and some wacky music along with some nice between-level graphics where you see the characters and get the instructions. One fun aspect is that there are levels that you can only win with points only. You must be fast and take various different actions to get the bonus points (see the instructions). Overall, a good game and rather unique for the system.


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