Continuum is the third game in the Sector-X series of games from George Pelonis. This game shares some elements in common with these other games, such as the opening theme music when the Vectrex displays the title screen and the design of your ship. Contiuum is more of a puzzle game, however, and it contains 10 different puzzles that player must figure out in order to complete the experience.

These puzzles are The Blackest Heart, Judas Paradox, Sectilius Demonicus, The Darkest Star, The Flames of Perdition, The Wages of Sin, The Eyes of Baphomet, The Elysian Crux, The Enigma of Sorrow, and The Leviathan Conundrum. Each maze has its own level of difficulty and the difficulty varies from maze to maze (difficulty does not progress linearly). The puzzles may not be just puzzles as, on occasion, there may be enemies that you have to deal with before you try to resolve the puzzle. Remember the lovely sectis? Well, they are back and you have to kill them the exact same was as in Sectis. Some of the puzzles have “trick” solutions that, if done wrong, will trap you in them. If you are trapped, you are forced by self-destruct your ship so you can try again. As in Sectis, your ship has shields that can be drained by enemy attack and by the puzzles themselves. So, how do you solve the puzzles? You need to move your ship from vortex to vortex until you have closed all doors. The trick? Each time you move from one vortex to another, the number of open and close vortexes varies. You need to find the right movement combination to close all of them without getting trapped.


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