Gravitrex Plus


One of the biggest games on the Vectrex, Gravitrex Plus is another must have for any owner of the system. On Gravitrex Plus, a game inspired by Atari’s Gravitar, your mission is to travel to the worlds contained in each level to rescue the human captives, destroy the enemy bunkers, and the enemy planets themselves. There are three levels to the game, each with six planets. Most of these planets contain further levels within which make for challenging gameplay.

As you travel through the planets you must contend with UFO’s, track your fuel supply, and fight against different gravitational fields if you are to complete your mission. You ship, which has twin firing boosters, is nicely rendered and well animated. The humans whom you are charged with rescuing are not impervious to fire and can be accidently incinerated if you are not careful. If you manage to complete your mission and conquer a planet, you will be rewarded with a nice planetary explosion. Gravitrex Plus does include two playing modes: arcade and standard. Arcade mode offers faster gameplay and is more intense. Only advanced players should attempt this mode! This game also features 64K Bank Switching, level select passwords, remappable controller buttons, digitized speech, a retro intro, and music for the title/menu screens. All of these features are only available on the cartridge release of the game and not on the download version. In addition, there is a free bonus game included (Patriots III), so you get two games in one (and Patriots III is an excellent clone of Missible Command). Gravitrex Plus is a superb game that I can recommend without hesitation.


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