Confidential Mission


Near the end of the 20th century, the Confidential Mission Force (CMF) is responsible for maintaining peace and order against terrorists and those who want to rule the world. Two agents, Howard Gibson (Agent 6) and Jean Clifford (Agent 15) are the best top agents and it is up to them to save the world in this, last confidential mission of the 20th century! The World Coalition’s spy satellite has been seized by forces unknown, forces that are likely trying to take over. Can Agents 6 and 15 save the world? Confidential Mission is another light gun game for the Dreamcast and one that really reminds you of what you’d see in a James Bond movie.


Though the game is best played using a light gun, you can certainly play it using the standard controller or the Arcade Stick. The game can be played by one or two players, assuming the role of either agent, and your goal is to shoot all the bad guys that show up. To make things more fun, you can use the Jump Pack with your controller to get some forced feedback. Three different areas have to be covered to complete the game. To get your bearings, the game does offer a training mode (Agent Academy) that you can select before getting into the actual game. Once you play in Mission mode, you have the ability to play Another World (the enemies move differently so you get a “fresh” game) or you can even select which are you want to start in. The game has pretty good graphics and animation, though for some odd reason the characters do not move their mouths when the talk. Overall, a good game that you can certainly enjoy if you have a light gun.


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