Gaunlet Legends


Designed by Ed Logg, Gauntlet was an Atari arcade title that quickly became a hit when released in 1985. The game allowed four players simultaneously to fight against all sorts of ghoulish monsters while collecting treasure and is well remembered for many of the phrases the narrator pronounced (e.g., “Elf needs food, badly!).

Over the years, the game inspired sequels and various console follow ups with a varying degree of success. So, how does Gauntlet Legends on the Dreamcast fare? Quite well, I must say. Midway was able to pretty much capture the feel of the original while modernizing the look and adding elements to the game. Now there are eight characters to choose from at the start with more characters becoming unlocked. Each character can be selected by more than one player as their clothes come in different colours. You can choose to be a warrior, a dward, a knight, a valkyrie, a wizard, a sorceress, a jester, or an archer. As in the original, each character has their own strengths and weaknesses. You start the game by entering the Tower of the good wizard Sumner and from there travel into the various worlds of Gauntlet. In each you will face all kinds of monsters but you will also find various power ups to help you along the way. There are even some secret levels you have to uncover. Gauntlet Legends has fantastic graphics with excellent music and special effects. Of course, the narrator voice is here as well to give you hints but also remind you that “Wizard needs food, badly!” I should mention that up to four players can participate together, certainly the best way to enjoy this title. Gauntlet Legends really is an excellent game that should not be missed in your Dreamcast library.


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