ChuChu Rocket!


In a far away planet there live a race of space mice called ChuChus. Unfortunately, the planet also has the creatures the ChuChus hate the most, KapuKapus (or, space cats). Things were well in the world until the KapuKapus infested the ChuChus’ Space Port and all hell broke lose. The ChuChus are in a state of panic and they are running around the Space Port at a frenetic pace in order to get into a ChuChu Rocket to escape. The question is, what rocket are they supposed to board!? Only one rocket has enough fuel to escape. Unfortunately, both the ChuChus and the KapuKapus turn to the right, so they need direction.


The KapuKapus may move about randomly but they can sure cause a mess (by eating the poor ChuChus!). They really are bad cats! ChuChu Rocket! is the very first Dreamcast game to support online play that would permit up to four people to play simultaneously. Each player controls a set of arrows in this frenetic puzzle game in order to get the mice to move into their rocket. Quick thinking and good reflexes are key if you are to get the most mice into your rocket and win the game. You have to be careful with the cats as they will eat up to one third of the mice that are in your rocket. Though there is a learning curve, the game is quite addicting and plenty of fun. Though it can certainly be played with four people (competitive or team up), there are single-player modes that offer quite the challenge. Good graphics and music complement the gameplay. This is really an excellent title for the Dreamcast.


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