The Soviet Union is crumbling! Its most brilliant scientists have come up with a plan to dominate the world and save the republic – construction of a gigantic infernal machine. For build it, a vast number of steel beams are required. Unfortunately, the proletariat is drunk with the smell of freedom and will only make twisted steel beams, beams that you must combine as they fall if the master plan is to succeed.

This is the story of Chetiry, a homebrew title for the 2600 whose name loosely translates to “four”. Why four? Because there are four types of beams that fall, tetraminoes, that the player must align correctly in order to construct full beams that can be used for building the infernal machine. Chetiry is, of course, a clone of Tetris and it is one that is masterfully executed. The game features four game styles (Marathon, Sprint 25, Sprint 40, and Ultra), a selection of game tunes, 20 levels of difficulty and even the ability to save the high scores within the cart itself! Chetiry has a beautifully rendered title screen, a high score board, and menus that allow the player to choose elements of gameplay from game style to toggling the shape preview on or off. The tetraminos themselves are rendered each in one colour and don’t have any real detail but this is to be expected from a 2600 game. Sound is really amazing as the tunes play through the game continuously. This is, of course, a key element for any Tetris clone. Chetiry is an excellent title for the 2600 and one every 2600 should own.


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