C.G.E. Adventures


This is a rather unique title for the 2600 as it is based on true events! At the very end of CGE 2010, a deaf thief stole a bunch of music CD’s from the RetroGamingRoundup booth while they were finalising an interview with a gaming celebrity. Why would someone deaf want to steal music CD’s is beyond anyone’s understanding, but that’s what inspired this game.

In CGE Adventures you play the role of the Deaf CD Thief and your goal is to steal audio CD’s. You must run all over the Las Vegas hotel hosting CGE searching for the CD’s before escaping to The Strip. You will search through the show floor, the museum, the casino, and the VIP Lounge if you must. Unfortunately for you, the RetroGamingRoundup podcasters (the owners of the CD’s) are pissed and they will do what they can to catch you. SoCal Mike, UK Mike, and Scott are all here along with Intellivsion-The-Great and they will not make things easy for you. Why should they? You’re a thief! CGE Adventures is a very clever adventure-type game and it has some very impressive graphics. There are enough variations to choose from and there are special items that you can collect to help you through the game. One of the most important items to pick up is the hearing aid. Without it the game has no sound! There’s a NES Zapper you can use to defend yourself, a VIP pass, and “magical” Studson Musk Cologne bottle that helps you attract objects stuck in hard to reach places. This game is a very good addition to any 2600 game library!


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