Boing! is a game that was clearly inspired by Q*Bert. In the game the player controls a Bubble around a playing field of 36 steps (organized as six rows of six steps). The Bubble must jump over all the steps to change their color (turning them “on”) while avoiding the Bubble Eater and a Pin who are trying to stop it.

The Pin’s path is pretty set as it will move down a given row and will not change paths. The Bubble Eater, however, moves about freely and chases the Bubble. Should either the Bubble Eater or the Pin touch the Bubble, a life is lost. You can even use the Pin to your advantage and get the Pin to kill the Bubble Eater for you if you plan things right. When the game starts, things are fairly simple as all you have to do is turn on all the steps in the playing field. As the game advances things change and you may need to change the steps in a particular sequence or you may even end up having to avoid jumping on a step twice as that will reverse its colour. Boing! may not have an original premise but the game does play fairly well. The playing field is isometrically drawn; however, the graphics are rather simple. The characters aren’t as dynamic as those in Q*Bert nor are they that impressive to look at. One thing that I don’t like so much is the contrast between the playing field and the background on some of the levels. The colours change with each level and sometimes it is difficult to see things because of the contrast. Overall an OK game that could have been better.


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