Centipede was one of the most successful titles in the arcade in the ‘80s. The original title was ported to many systems and even the Dreamcast has a port of the original arcade game thank to the Atari Anniversary Edition compilation. Hasbro’s take on Centipede, however, is an absolute modernization of the title that bears little resemblance to the original arcade. This version has a rather weird story… Legend says that every 100 years armoured beasts emerge from the dark core of the Earth. Drawn by their master, the beasts try to overtake the world and it is up to The Shooter to destroy these creatures before they overtake the world.


The Shooter is under the control of one Wally Gudmunzsun, a bean counter who is anything but a hero. But, even the most unlikely person has to be a hero at some point. You will partner with Wally to control The Shooter as you travel through dangerous lands to rid them of the beastly insect threat. Centipede will take you through six different worlds (Weedom, Aridia, Frostonia, Infernium, Enigma, and Evile) in which you must fight and destroy a variety of bugs that will try it all to stop you dead on your tracks. Centipede shares basic elements with the arcade original but its gameplay is much slower. There are various power ups to help you get along, power ups that will be necessary in order to defeat the various bosses who come to bug you at the end of each round. In principle, the game is a fair modernization of the arcade but its control is a bit awkward. This detracts from the game, despite its nice graphics and sound. At least you can also play the included arcade version if all else fails! 


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