Ace Of Aces


You are a pilot in Britain’s Royal Air Force during World War II and your job is to deal crippling blows to the Nazi forces using your DeHavilland Mosquito, your weapons, and your wits. Plan your mission carefully, choose your ammo, and fuel wisely for, once the missions starts, there is no turning back. Can you handle the Nazi bombers, sink the U-boats, outrun buzz bombs, and stop the POW trains? Do you have what it takes to be the best of the best, the ace of aces? Ace of Aces is a flight simulator for the 7800 that has nice depth and realism but that isn’t for everyone. You must select your mission and get your plane ready for action.


The game does have a practice mode that I recommend you use to learn the controls as these can be a bit complicated and do take getting used to. There are five different views to use during the game: cockpit, engine room left wing, engine room right wing, navigational map, and bomb bay. These are selected using combinations of action with the fire button and the joystick. In the cockpit view you have several gauges to keep track of that provide you with airspeed, an artificial horizon, an altimeter, radar and enemy altitude. The other views let you see your weapons, alter speed, etc. Ace of Aces has nice graphics, though the animation can be choppy at times. Sound is minimal as you pretty much just hear the engine sound, weapons, and enemies but these do the trick well. Overall, fans of flight simulators will enjoy this game as this is a good game of that kind.


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