Alice’s Mom’s Rescue


Oh no, Alice’s mom has been captured by the giant raven! As a good daughter, Alice knows it is up to her to save her mother so she sets out in an adventure through three different worlds and 25 different levels. Alice must be careful in her search, though, as evil cats, birds, and bats are out there helping out the raven and will what they can to stop Alice. Heck, be watchful of spikes as well as even merely brushing against them will prove deadly to Alice.


Being the sweet girl she is, Alice has no weapons to use against her enemies as she explores each level in each world. Her only defence is to jump on her enemies. Alice can use mushrooms to change her size (to become smaller) so she can enter narrow passages in some of the areas she needs to explore. Each stage is made up of various platforms where keys and gems can be found. Collecting all the items before using the key at the doors completes a perfect level. You do not have to collect all the gems to advance, however. Alice’s Mom’s Rescue is a platform puzzle game that will not appeal to all. The game has brightly coloured graphics that are reminiscent of the 8-bit era, though they are quite fluidly animated. The music is soft and peaceful but catchy. The trick here is to skilfully explore each of the levels, collect the items, and the move onto the next level. Though there is no score to the game, completing perfect levels is what makes the game fun. So, you’re not shooting anything but the puzzle aspect of the game will keep you coming back for more.


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