We Love Atari: A Journey of Discovery 1972 – 1996 Vol 2 | Book Review

We Love Atari: A Journey of Discovery 1972 – 1996 Volume 2 is the follow up book to Volume 1 that was release during the beginning of 2019 and reviewed HERE. This book is published by Zafinn Books and one thing that struck me as soon as the book arrived was the 21.5 X 21.5 cm square format the book uses, this is not the norm that I’m used to for gaming books but it does, after a quick flick through appear to work well. The book is light and the quality of the paper feels good.

One other point I would like to note here is that Karl is the sole creator on these books, everything is done by him alone and then self printed, so to compare this to a Bitmap Book style of publishing would be unfair, however I will cover all the main points of the book, it’s pluses and minuses. Zafinn Books? Why that name? Well as pointing out in the opening pages of the book Karl openly thanks his wife and family for all their support in his obsession with Atari and he goes on to name his children, Zak and Finn. I am not playing detective here and this maybe common knowledge but that to me is an awesome little touch, so nice one Karl. Extra Point awarded :).

Anyway, let’s get on to the books content, not owning Volume 1 has left me a little short in terms on knowledge on the way the book worked, the content was spread across two Volumes, Karl states the main reason was to reduce the shipping costs and enable him to add some more content. Volume 1 covers the years from 1971 to 1983, Volume 2 covers 1984 to 1996, the content is split into 4 chapters across 292 wonderful pages packed with Atari goodness.

There are articles covering the birth and decline of the Atari ST, articles on 130XE and much more besides, all these stories are based on a loose timeline but each one builds the story of how Atari created some wonderful hardware, the backstories to those creations. What sticks in my mind when I read books, especially gaming books is the thirst for new information, reading about the Enhanced ST or the CDAR504, systems I knew nothing or very little about, this stuff makes books like this pure gold.

The book is packed with content, a few pages are dedicated to some classic games created for the systems throughout those years, in fact there is so much content its mind blowing. Scattered through the book is loads of original adverts that would have appeared in local papers, magazines and so on back in those days, perhaps for the whole of this book, perhaps that is my one minus for it, there are too many of them, or at least for me.

That being said, overall the book is a fantastic homage to the Atari games company, now feel I need to add volume 1 to my collection, it does after reading Volume 2, feel like you must own both to really appreciate what has been created here, kudos to Karl Morris, his creation, you must be very proud.

Review Score
  • 8/10
    RVG Rating - 8/10


This is a book packed with content, overall the book is not a visual feast, it’s one mans obsession with Atari being told through a book, if your love Atari, you will love this, if you have any interest in the history of gaming, then this series of books is clearly something you need to buy.


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