The Little Book of Sinclair ZX Spectrum Games – Review.

The Little Book of Sinclair ZX Spectrum Games is another publication from Retro Fusion Books, being huge fans of retro gaming related books we had to review this one for you. If you’re not familiar with Chris Wilkins and his team at Fusion Retro Books you can view more on their books HERE.  This is their fourth Spectrum book, the others being a series of three larger books ‘The ZX Spectrum in Pixels’ Volume One, Volume Two and Volume Three, this one is much smaller than those, Chris states this books was created to compliment the others and although there is some content from the previous books but more than enough differences to warrant a purchase.

My initial thoughts was how cute and small it is, its ideal for taking on journeys, especially for someone like my that uses the train a lot, in fact that’s how I read this book, I had many strange looks from people and even a couple asked me about it, we struck up some conversation about the scene of retro gaming and so on, strange what a little book like this can do.

There are a total of 100 games covered across 144 pages, the content is separated into sections via game genres, so you have Sports Games, Arcade Adventure, Arcade, Adventure, Strategy/Puzzle, Fighting, Racing and Platform games. Each game is spread across one page with a screenshot and underneath that is a summary of the game and the original Crash magazine review score if there was one. What is apparent is the quality of the book, again using a high quality 150gsm paper the print quality is also very good, the images are bright and colourful, just like Spectrum graphics on our TV’s.

Overall I loved this book, highly recommended for anyone who loved the Spectrum.

  • 8/10
    RVG Rating - 8/10


A great little book, even if you own its bigger brothers this one deserves to be along side them.


Retro head and key holder of RVG.

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