RGCD Update.

The retro scene is a vast community these days, so much so it is often hard to keep up with everything new that goes on.  Today we can bring you some news though, announced yesterday through the RGCD blog. Two eagerly awaited Amiga titles Tiger Claw and Powerglove Reloaded are available to order as of now, the games are priced at £15/16 (with/without the floppy disk version) plus postage but are unlikely to ship before Christmas.

Aviator Arcade II (Review) is also now complete and ready to ship, and will also be made available to purchase this weekend on cartridge, disk (from Psytronik) and as a download. Please note that as the cartridge version of the game is in GMOD2 format (which is currently not emulated on hardware), so for now the disk image will only be included in the download (but this may change in future).

For more on the latest RGCD news please visit the site HERE.



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