New Kickstarter: Gaming in the Obscure.

A new retro gaming book campaign is up and running on Kickstarter, here is a summary from the author.


I started collecting retro gaming consoles when I first discovered the PC Engine. It was a machine that had largely been overlooked in the UK and I was instantly smitten. But whilst looking for more information I uncovered a whole bunch of consoles that NEC had created and i’d never heard of.

Diving even deeper and I discovered consoles from other manufacturers, some from manufacturers that I hadn’t even known had ever released a games console.

This started an obsession and over the years i’ve put together a pretty good collection of obscure machines. Pretty much everyone I know has grown bored of hearing about them so i’ve decided to write a book to inflict my condition on as many people as possible.

This is where you come in, i’ve written the book, it’s been edited and I have a designer making it look pretty. We’ve taken photos of the consoles and some of the games that we enjoy playing (enjoy is a little strong for some of the them). We just need to get this printed and into the hands of as many people as we can.

It looks and sounds cool so go and take a look HERE.

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