Reformation 2 – Matt Gray: Music Review.

Reformation 2 is the highly anticipated second album from Matt Gray, again the album was funded through another successful Kickstarter campaign. The original Reformation was predominantly Matt’s own SID creations fully re-invented to create a simply stunning album, you can read our review HERE.

Reformation 2 focuses on other influential C64 musicians from the heyday of gaming, we’re talking names like Rob Hubbard, Martin Galway and the late Ben Daglish. Seeing those names and knowing what Matt did with the first album you start to get a feel for what to expect when you look at the track list, tracks like One Man & His Droid plus the awesome Ocean Loader 1 really are mind-blowing, and as a little treat you can listen to a preview of that track below as you continue to read the rest of the review.

Matt, has simply took his winning formula, stirred in some magic and come up with an album that easily equals the original Reformation and in many cases, surpasses it. You get almost 3 wonderous hours of music, each one superbly recreated with a modern feel but somehow he’s managed to keep that raw original tone that sparks memories of the those early gaming years, as I listen I find I’m taken to a place full of wonderful memories of my childhood, that alone makes these albums a must own for me.

Here’s a full track listing

Track Listing CD 1:

  • Green Beret Loading Theme
  • The Wilderness Main Theme (The Last Ninja)
  • Comic Bakery Main Theme
  • International Karate Main Theme
  • The Great Giana Sisters Main Theme
  • The Wastelands Main Theme (The Last Nina)
  • Commando Main Theme
  • Ocean Loader 1
  • One Man & His Droid
  • International Karate Plus Main Theme
  • Terra Cresta Main Theme
  • Omega Ceti aka Autumn Breeze

Track Listing CD2:

  • Trap Main Theme
  • Lightforce Main Theme
  • Thanatos Main Theme
  • Nemesis The Warlock Main Theme
  • Monty On The Run Main Theme
  • Holiday Morning
  • Flash Gordon Main Theme
  • Stormlord Main Theme
  • Delta In Game Theme
  • Kentilla Main Theme

Bonus Tracks:

  • Platoon Loading Theme
  • Robocop Main Theme

There are so many superlatives for this album, Matt has created yet another gem, I know I can’t get enough of his work, if you’re a fan of gaming music in any shape or form then you really need to put this on your christmas wish list.

  • 8/10
    RVG Rating - 8/10


If you missed out on backing the original Kickstarter campaign then visit to order yours now.


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