Reformation – Matt Gray: Music Review.

Reformation is the work of Matt Gray, a legendary video game musician who has created many classic music tracks for the C64, originally the album was funded through a Kickstarter campaign and quickly achieved its target amount. This review is of the digital version of the album, I’ll do an update to the review once the physical albums are shipped to the backers.

As soon as I started listening to the first album I could not help but think ‘WOW’ I was truly blown away by how each track exceeded all of my expectations. The four albums I pledged against are packed with classic SID tunes, most are by Matt Gray himself and a few by some notable musicians that also mastered the SID chip back in the day. Each track is expertly remixed, keeping that original tone and flavour of the tracks and bringing it into the modern world.

As you can see there are loads of classic SID tracks across all four albums that get the remix treatment. Thalamusik – Sanxion Loading Theme, Maze Mania – Main Theme and Tusker – The Desert Main Theme are three of my favourites.

My only gripe would be how long it took to get the albums, having listened to them over and over for the past week or so I not only forgive Matt for the time its taken, I can actually see why, the tunes really are immense and I for one can not wait for Reformation 2.

  • 8/10
    RVG Rating - 8/10


A compilation of remixed SID tunes that truly blows my mind, highly recommended.


Retro head and key holder of RVG.