Games Animal TV.

Games Animal TV – the brand new classic video game show from RRE and the Games Animal himself; Dave Perry, Dave as most of you will know is a pretty famous gaming personality here in the UK, for RVG readers across the pond and elsewhere, Dave was part of a gaming show called GameMaster and also worked on various gaming magazines during the 90’s.

After many years out of the gaming circle, Dave met a good friend of RVG in Mr Turner, Retro Revival Events head honco and after many debates they came up with this idea for a new show to be shown on YouTube, below is Episode One, it’s more an into than a full length episode, being a retro site we will keep you posted on this future episodes what I will say is the filming style will maybe split the gaming community so have a watch and form your own opinions.


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Retro head and key holder of RVG.

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