Frogger 2: Swampy’s Revenge


Frogger was first released to the arcade in 1981 and it quickly became a favorite of many. The game has, since, inspired all sorts of sequels for pretty much every game console out there. So, the Dreamcast could not be left out and it got Frogger 2: Swampy’s Revenge. In Frogger 2, our titular frog is joined by his girlfriend Lillie Frog as they must save Lillie’s baby brothers and sisters from the evil Swampy the Crocodile.

The game has to modes of play: Story and Arcade. In Story Mode you will play the game linearly to advance through. As you clear levels, Arcade Mode becomes available so you can come back and play to beat time, find gold coins, etc. or to even play in Super-Retro levels you’ve managed to unlock (using gold coins). There are also three different multiplayer games to choose from: Capture the Frog, Race, and Snake. The Super-Retro levels are modernized versions of the original arcade game but the actual arcade game is nowhere to be found here. As with any Frogger game, the trick here is to jump around the various levels to complete them. Your frog does control well, which is quite important as accuracy is need to beat the game. Some of the levels will be reminiscent of the original arcade, which I think is a nice touch, but there is clearly plenty more here. The game graphics are very colourful, sharp, and well animated. I laughed a bit when I first saw Frogger jumping as the animation is a bit funny. The game sounds and music are also quite good. This is certainly a very good Frogger title and fans of the franchise should own this for their Dreamcast.


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