Best Controllers for Sony Playstations?

Started by zapiy, May 18, 2017, 10:48:31 AM

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Simple question, what's been your fav controller across the board for the Playstation's?

Official or 3rd party.

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Official, just feel better in quality and sometimes 3rd party pads have too firm dpads or buttons.
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I prefer the official ones.  I do have some third party controllers but I prefer the originals. 

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Official ps4 is my fave. I like the ps1 and ps2 controllers but hate the PS3 ones, they don't feel right to me. I've tried a few 3rd party ones on all those consoles and have to say original is always best


Yeah I stick with Sony controllers most of the time. I have bought a few third party controllers that have solid d-pads for fighting games though.


I unfortunately do not have my PlayStation anymore but I had the original analogue without the rumble. I really liked it. It was slightly bigger that the dualshock which made itore comfortable in my large ogre hands.


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Quote from: Shadowrunner on May 19, 2017, 03:17:19 AM
Yeah I stick with Sony controllers most of the time. I have bought a few third party controllers that have solid d-pads for fighting games though.
That's my only problem with the official controllers.  Those D-Pads are awful for fighting games.  I could hardly pull off any special moves in Fatal Fury.


I don't think it is that bad. I think the 360 pad is worse tbh


For regular use I would agree that the 360 D-Pad is a lot worse than the PS3. For fighting games though I think they're both equally terrible.


I would disagree. I always found the PlayStation d pad easy enough to use on fighting games. Not as good as the Sega d pad but not much harder than a Nintendo pad


Old thread but look for the DualShock SCPH-110 - the ones shipped with the PSOne slim. The somewhat stiffer analogue sticks actually make it the best Sony controller I've ever used.
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Official controllers for me.  I remember when we only ever had the original controllers for the PSOne, we knew someone down the road who had I believe Ape Escape and a controller with the vibration/anologs.  He brought it up to our house one time and I just remember it feeling weird on first use, not that I'd ever heard of or knew about the game at the time either.


Originals are quite good, prefer the XBox ones though, because they’re a bit bigger. I use a SCUF Impact for the PS4, it’s better than the original, but it’s also quite expensive.


I had a hori controller back in the day for my ps1 was the  fighting commander 2 way  quite liked it fitted nice in the hand like a snes controller, but the original is the best.