Disney’s Dinosaur


Several million years ago there was an iguanodon called Aladar. He was not raised by other iguanodons as his mother was killed by a carnotaurus when Aldar was just an egg. His egg was the only survivor of that attack and it ended up in a forest inhabited by lemurs who decided to keep the dinosaur born of the egg and raise it as their own. Aladar had several adventures and those are the inspiration for this game.

In Dinosaur, the player has to control some of the movie characters through different missions using each character according to their skills. Aladar is the strongest of the characters and he can fight off predators using his head and tail. Zini is a lemur and is the smallest character. Because of his size, he can reach into small places which lets him solve puzzles. He also can jump and move very fast. Flia is a ptenarodon and can, therefore, fly. Flia can attack enemies from the air and scout ahead to help find dangers. In addition to these characters, there are others the player does not control: Kron, an antagonistic iguanodon; Neera, Kron’s sister; Baylene, an old braciosaurus; Eema, an old styracosaurus; and Url, an ankylosaurus. The player can control one, two, or three characters at a time. Though Dinosaur has good graphics and it does reproduce the movie characters well, it is not the best platformer out there. The game gets tedious and switching characters to control is a bit of a pain as it can only be done on specific spots within each level. Though the player can use more than one character at once, the reality is that it’s more of one follows the other kind of thing and not always helpful.


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