Asteroids has to be one of those games that has been ported to just about every system out there. So, how do you keep this excellent arcade game fresh on each system? Well, you make upgrades to the original formula. That’s certainly what the GBC version of Asteroids does! First, the story is that mining companies are collecting minerals from asteroids and debris fields.

You pilot one of the ships used for mining and you’re expected to be quick at your controls to effectively clear the asteroid field and collect the various bonus items that appear. Quick reflexes are key if you are to survive! The game offers single and multiplayer options and you can also save passwords to come back to the same level you last played. There’s even a way to unlock the original vector version of the game within the system, which then adds the option to play the classic on the main menu (until the system is turned off). You also have the choice of three different ships (and a fourth unlockable one), each with a different defence system: Dagger use flip defence, Rapier hyperspace, and Longsword shields. Three skill levels complete the options. Different power ups are available (for single and multiplayer games) that include extra defence, extra ships, extra points, etc. This Asteroids is quite fun to play. The graphics are beautiful and include nice backgrounds (for each “zone” of play) with different types of asteroids (classic, mined, crystal, alien egg, and ancient energy), space debris, indestructible monoliths, and fireball comets for the player to deal with. Having the original game as a bonus is also a plus. Another excellent port for the GBC.


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