Dark Tower


If you like adventure-type games, this game is for you! In Dark Tower you play a character who is searching treasure in a forest. As you walk through the forest, you encounter chests which you open to see what is inside. Once open, the chest may give you a treasure or transport you into a chamber where you meet with ferocious minotaurs or a wizard.

The game is almost a first-person perspective game, except you are really looking from just behind your character. The forest renders very well and you walk through it to find the different chests or treasures. When you’re in the chamber with the minotaurs, you need to kill a given number of them in order to earn gold and be allowed out of the chamber. The minotaurs throw fireballs at your character but he is just as capable of throwing back fireballs at them. The control scheme here is interesting as you use buttons 2 to 4 to select how you are firing (left, middle, or right) and you’ll need to get used to it. I don’t see enough landmarks to help one map the game but you are provided with “co-ordinates” at the top of the screen which could be used for that purpose. Sounds in this game are simple but well done. Overall, it is a nice adventure game for the Vectrex.


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