Your life’s dream has always been to be an ornithologist. You know, a scientist who studies birds? No? Well, no matter, because that’s exactly what you’ll be when you play Crack’ed. You see, you have discovered that the rare South American hornbills have laid their eggs on your “old yolk tree” and you are fascinated watching the hornbills’ behaviour.

When the birds leave the nests to go get food, though, you notice that the eggs are in danger as owls, bluebirds, snakes, and other critters try to steal the eggs! What are you to do? Well, you pull out your trusty slingshot and you start scaring off these marauding creatures, of course. If you manage to protect the eggs long enough, they are moved to another location but marauders always follow. The game is played at the yolk tree, a haunted house, and even underwater and each of these areas has different enemies you need to deal with (birds and snakes at the tree, bats and ghosts at the haunted house, and fish and squid underwater). Crack’ed has some nice graphics with nicely animated characters and well designed areas that make it a really attractive game to look at. The game is played using the joystick to control crosshairs that are used to target the marauders. If you shoot a marauder that is carrying an egg, you have to use the crosshairs to then pick up that egg and take it back to a nest. Otherwise, the egg falls and it, well, becomes crack’ed. Because you have to pick up falling eggs, the game would probably not work as a light gun game as that would not be possible with the lightgun. A bonus stage is also included where you throw eggs at hens. How is that for irony?



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