Imagic could certainly do magic with their programming of games for the 2600 and Atlantis is certainly a superb example of that. As the title implies, you are in charge of protecting the city of Atlantis. The city is under attack by the Gorgons who are sending their sky ships to destroy the great civilisation.

You have three guns at your disposal on three different sections of the city that you can use to attack the descending Gorgon ships. These guns are also vulnerable to attack, so be watchful of suicide attacks! The guns at either side are able to fire diagonally while the gun at the central core can only fire vertically. Keep this in mind as you’ll need to know what gun to use to target approaching enemies. Atlantis was clearly inspired by Missile Command but it looks far more impressive. The graphics are gorgeous, colourful, and well drawn. The enemy ships are multicolored and the city designs are pretty impressive. Something different from Missile Command is the fact that you have unlimited ammo. In addition, this game actually has an ending that inspired a sequel, Cosmic Ark. At the end of the game, when you lose, you can see a ship escape into space with the remaining survivors. This was pretty much a first for the 2600 and video games in general. Not only is the game beautiful visually but it also has good sound effects that really complete the experience. Atlantis is a must-have for anyone with an Atari 2600.


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