Battlemorph Walkthrough: Atari Jaguar

Here’s a guide I made in September 2014 solely for the purpose of navigating as I made my way through the game. A lot of fun 🙂
It doesn’t have every secret or location of every item but it’ll get a person to the ending sequence.

Here are the cheats (even though I didn’t use any):

* Level Codes (enter as “new player”):
2. Carmine:   ATDC2          5. Straussen: ATDC5
3. Ferial:    ATDC3          6. Pyroxine:  ATDC6
4. Pan Alma:  ATDC4          7. Cygnus:    ATDC7
8. Pernish:   ATDC8
* Hidden Bonus Planets:
1. Zephyr     Peramer      Dyphor         Clip, Ships(2)
2. Carmine    Aphelion     Adeptus        Clip, Ships(2)
”       Sanctine     Camillari      Trees?
3. Ferial     Tyran Tehr   Brockshear     Clip, Ship
”       Charnel      Kant Liur      Ships(3)
4. Pan Alma   Shau Yen     Tantaul        Clip, Ship
5. Straussen  (none)       (none)
6. Pyroxine   Alkelam      Isolmin        Flash(75%), Ship
”       Cyclozone    Borazine       Flash(75%), Clip, Ship
7. Cygnus     Chalnook     Brichardii     Clip, Ship
8. Pernish    Laxer        Reiss          Ships(7)
* Eggs:
* Comedy Mode:
Enter “A NAME” for a new player. Sound confirms. Play a game.
* Quake Weapon:
Destroy most of the trees on all worlds of the first cluster.
* 2 Extra Ships: Debrief with a score ending with “99”
* 99,958 Bonus Points: Debrief with a score ending with “42” (“Hitchhiker’s Guide” bonus)

Zephyr Cluster
Planet Penter Briefing:

“The Cluster General has captured one of our spies. The map of the prison has been hidden inside 4 data pods. Recover these pods so the Sutherland can beam him back to safety.”
Planet Penter hint:

“Trains carry data pods. Try destroying the bridges.”

From starting point, fly straight ahead to get the hint: or turn 90 degrees right and fly forward to get Rapid Fire. Directly behind the starting point is ‘enhanced scanning’, (which doesn’t reveal a lot on this mission) It’s easy and straight forward, just watch the ‘goals’ move around by repeatedly entering the mapping screen. Destroy all the bridges and most trains will crash-making access to the data pods extremely simple. Return to the teleporter at the starting point to leave.

Planet Silur Briefing:

“The Cluster General has hidden two data pods in a cavern. They contain military secrets. Find and capture them.”
Planet Silur hint:

“Roads lead to tunnel entrances. Shoot red switches to open doors.”

From starting point, fly straight ahead to get enhanced scanning and the hint. You can destroy all the buildings in this first area to reveal energy and various weapons. I’d leave them until needed as just picking them up with no way to carry more (weapons) or hold more (energy) is useless. Enter the tunnel & shoot the red switch on the wall to open the door. You’ll pass over and grab the blue key. Shoot the next red wall switch, open the door and exit the tunnel. You’ll end up in the small area at the far right corner of the map. Destroying the buildings mostly reveals energy. Rapid fire is on a shuttle behind the two buildings at the top of the hill. Either glide above the shuttle and grab the rapid fire or destroy the shuttle with a missle.

Fly in the opposite direction of the tunnel you entered this area from and you’ll enter the bottom of the map eventually reaching water. Fly over it or underneath the surface (especially if you need energy, shooting fish provides plenty) until you reach the tunnel entrance at the far end. It looks like a ‘goal box’ now (if you picked up enhanced scanning earlier.) Enter the tunnel, shoot the red wall switch to open the door and grab the yellow key. Exit through the door on the opposite side, shoot the wall mounted guns and proceed into the cavern. While inside, shoot the two wall mounted guns, grab the two data pods and all the energy you want. Exit the same way you entered.

When back over water, go to the tunnel located on the bend in the river. Dive to find it and enter. (I haul ass full throttle through this section of tunnel) When you emerge you’ll be in the area at the extreme left of the map. Fly left into the other side of the map and go to the extreme left most position you can. It’s the curve blocked by mountains with the water on the other side. There’s a 1up stashed in this ‘corner.’ Follow the path north and where the two mountain ranges almost meet, there’s another 1up. If you go through the speed rings (continuing north/up) you’ll end up at the bottom of the area you entered this location from. Go back to the tunnel and enter. After exiting you’re back in the water. Fly above it until you see the path/road. Follow it south to re-enter at the north. Enter the tunnel. After emerging, the exit is dead ahead.

Planet Peramer Briefing:

“This planet is a Pernitian outpost. It has a weakness though- an abandoned detonator. Shoot it until the countdown starts, then get off the planet quickly.”
Planet Peramer hint:

“Search the big mountain for a passage to the detonator.”

From starting point, fly straight ahead to get the hint and enhanced scanning. A tank will be patrolling nearby & will immediately start firing at you when you begin the level. Take him out with a missile to proceed unharmed. From starting point, rapid fire is located in one of the buildings on the grassy knoll 90 degrees to your left. There’s another rapid fire located at the ‘top’ corner of the land segment where you start. There’s another rapid fire located on the green road leading from one grassy knoll square to the smaller one on the largest land mass.

There’s a tall, thin “Cloaking” structure outside the entrance to the mountain (to the left a bit) that when destroyed, will reveal bonus planets on the cluster map.

Fly down the path into the mountain, shoot the detonator until the countdown starts and make for the exit within the 30 seconds allotted to complete the mission.

Bonus Planet

Planet Dyphor Briefing:

“Our sensors indicate that this planet contains surplus ammunition. Go down to the planet and collect as much as possible.”
Planet Dyphor hint:

“You can leave at any time.”

First, fly to the upper part of the map where the red circle to the left is, and collect the red key. Maneuver around the mountain (following next to the force field) to unlock the red dome revealing ‘extra ammo.’ This will increase the amount of your weapons from 20 to 30.

From starting point, there’s a dome straight ahead just over the hill that will reveal a warp when destroyed. Enter and collect a 1up.

You may see a 1up on the back of a shuttle on the other side of the force field while at the northernmost point on the map but there’s no way to get to it from here so head to the exit.

Planet Kalmer briefing:

“Kalmer is home to a military H.Q. that is occupied by Pernitian Agents. You must negotiate a network of teleporters and then destroy the H.Q. building.”
Planet Kalmer hint:

”Follow the roads to teleporters. Check water and buildings for them.”

From starting point, fly straight ahead to pick up blue key. Continue straight to unlock the blue dome to reveal enhanced scanning and the hint. Nothing else cool here. Head up the road to enter the teleporter. You’ll end up at the right end of the northern most land mass with the lake. Flying above the water around the perimeter of the mountains reveals several buildings w/ various weapons & energy. Underwater are a multitude of fish for energy (if needed) but nothing else of real significance. Follow the blue road to the teleporter. You’ll emerge at the northernmost point of the tall strip of land mass at the far right of the map.

At the south end (bottom) there are 3 shuttles moving around. The middle one is carrying rapid fire. The other two carry energy. The multitude of buildings in this area hide weapons and energy but nothing spectacular. The building at the end of the road hides the red teleporter. Destroy it and enter.

You’ll appear in a large chamber with energy, weapons and a 1up located behind the pillars. Fly carefully behind them to pick it up. Enter the red teleporter to exit this chamber and appear in the final (center) land mass where the goal is. 2 tanks immediately begin firing at you. Switch to cruise missiles and take out both. The buildings reveal the usual when destroyed. At the goal, trash the annoying nearby turret then open up on the H.Q. building using rapid fire until it’s toast. Grab the 1up above the teleporter then enter. You’ll exit in the original land mass right next to the exit. Enter to finish.

Planet Bandyr briefing:

“The Sutherland needs extra power for its defense systems. Activate the Stella energy line by placing a battery in the power station.”
Planet Bandyr hint:

“Search underwater for a battery.”

You start underwater. From starting point, move straight ahead to get the hint and enhanced scanning. From there, turn right 45 degrees and move forward to find the battery. It’s visible but behind one of the interconnected white domes. Blast it to get the battery. Rapid fire is located on the same land mass as the goal just south of the south bridge along the coastline. (There’s another across the lake in the center of the grove of trees on that star shaped brown marked area and one more along the coastline on this side of the lake near the small peninsula just south of the south bridge.) There’s also a shuttle moving along the road nearby carrying a 1up. Fly to the goal and slowly pass through it to drop the battery. Exit to finish.

Boss Stage

Planet Zephyr briefing:

“Only the Pernitian General is left- a killer bee! Finish him off to get his plasma- we need it to warp to the next Cluster.”

Pretty easy boss. He’s usually in a slow retreat flying pattern. Just follow behind him at a safe distance and try to match his speed. It will vary as he turns or encounters mountains but not difficult to anticipate. Keep firing at him and taking out the red mines he craps out and he won’t last long. Grab the plasma and head for the exit to complete this Cluster.

Carmine Cluster
Planet Aphelion briefing:

“The Pernitians have one of our old weapons. You must recover the four crucial components!”
Planet Aphelion hint:


From starting point, forward is the hint. Directly behind the starting point is a cache of 4 energy’s guarded by a turret. Near the right corner of the map on the brown colored marking is a battery and power station to put it in. In the very corner here behind a line of trees is substantial energy. In this area, there is also a shuttle moving along the road carrying a 1up. Along the mountain range dividing the screen is a rectangular road with a shuttle carrying rapid fire and a second carrying enhanced scanning. In the middle, top of this area where the mountains invert into the screen is another stash of 4 energy’s guarded by a turret. Also, near the starting point is one of the white rings that replenish your ship’s energy.

Activate the power station and head for the teleport at the upper corner of this area. You’ll emerge underwater at the southernmost point on the map. Submereged, go left and take the first right. Make your way underneath the small land mass to pick up several energy items. From above water, head toward the right side of the screen, then north (up). Destroy the tower to reveal the 1st weapon fragment. Continue north and destroy the floating building for enhanced scanning. Turn the corner and the 2nd tower/weapon fragment will be in sight-along with several flying enemies. Head to the opposite side of the map taking the first left. Navigate to the larger green land mass and destroy the cloaking tower. At the mouth of the area where you entered the land mass, take a left and the first right. Take out the tower and pick up the 3rd weapon fragment. Continue forward to the left side of the map. Take a left and destroy the floating structure at the extreme left corner of the map for rapid fire. Take a left & destroy the tower, collecting the 4th (last) weapon fragment. Head to the teleporter at the top corner (it’s above water) and exit. You’ll emerge in the third and final unexplored land mass at the extreme upper left of the map. There’s stacks of energy to the right (27 units) and several tall buildings hiding one energy each. There’s a single domed structure further in hiding a 1up. Get it and enter the tunnel. There are flying enemies and at least one tank inside. After emerging, you’ll be back in the first area. Fly to the exit. (Mines should be available now as a weapon)

Planet Haruspex briefing:

“As Pernitians are using this planet as a site for their early warning system. You must locate and destroy their main radar. It is behind a forcefield and heavily guarded.”
Planet Haruspex hint:

“Look under the power station!”

From starting point, head to the top of the map and follow the road. There are shuttles traveling on it that carry enhanced scanning, a 1up and rapid fire. Also, destroying buildings on side roads will reveal enhanced scanning, rapid fire and the hint, among the usual items. When you’re all powered up, enter the water at the extreme upper left of the map. Move under the land mass to the right and collect the red key on the submerged blue path. There’s also an energy stashed in one of the recesses to the back. Make your way above water and head toward the power station. Take out the turrets on the coast line along with the tank(s) driving on the nearby road. Make your way to the power station and it will reveal the battery. Take it and head toward the goal. There should be a couple of white rings along the way. (save one for after you destroy the radar and surrounding enemies) When complete, follow the yellow triangle on your HUD to finish.

Planet Sanctine briefing:

“The Pernitians on this planet are using a space station to launch attacks against the Sutherland. Destroy the station at all costs!”
Planet Sanctine hint:

“You’ll need keys to access the power stations.”

From starting point, straight ahead is the hint and behind you is a tall building hiding a white ring. Rapid fire is located on the bottom of the “swirly” mountain range surrounding the goal, hidden in a building. If you fly around the outer perimeter destroying them as you go, you’ll find it in the corner with the larger patch of beige/yellow colored ground. After collecting it, fly toward the goal and take the road as close to it as you can. The force field will be blocking a great deal of the area but the blue key is at the edge of the force field along the road. After retrieving it, Head to the blue power station which is submerged in the lake and powering the force field around the goal. Head back toward the goal and again, take the path as far as you can where you’ll find the red key. Another portion of the area is blocked by another force field. Head to the red power station, which is located north of the starting point at the upper left of the map. Grab the battery and go back to the goal. This time all force fields are down and after taking out the surrounding turrets, you can destroy the space station at your leisure. After it blows, be sure to destroy the two ‘fire’ elements that were on top of it. They’re for a new weapon.

SIDE NOTE: The yellow dome is located at the bottom of the long vertical road to the right of the starting point. The yellow key is at the southernmost tip of the land mass at the extreme right of the map (near the red power station if you fly to the right after collecting it) Fly down to the yellow dome if you have the key to make it reveal a hole leading to an underground lake. There’s lots of weapons and energy down here but also a couple of turrets. Not really worth the effort if you’re reserves are good.

Also, there’s a cloaking building due south of the letter “G” in the word DANGER written across the middle of the map. There’s a large stash of weapons and energy at the northernmost point of the map. It’s all located down in a small canyon full of buildings.

Bonus Planet

Planet Adeptus briefing:

“This world is completely unexplored. Proceed with caution and bring back whatever you can.”
Planet Adeptus hint:

“Check underground…”

From starting point, fly forward into the hint & around the force field guarded area. Pick up the rapid fire and head into the teleporter. You’ll emerge in a small area with Leeches. Blast them or head straight for the teleporter-which will also kill them if you get one stuck on your ship. You’ll now be at the bottom of the blue area on the map. Fly to the pipe entrance at the other end, avoiding the teleporter located midway through (it’ll take you back to the first area.) Enter the tunnel with guns blazing as several mines will begin to explode once the door closes behind you. After exiting through the teleporter at the other end, you’ll be in a red chamber with a white ring and a lot of mine refill units. Collect what you want and enter the red teleporter. You’ll be in a white chamber with a ton of hologram refill units. Enter the blue teleporter and you’ll be in a dark room with multicolor striped walls, floors and ceilings with some kamikaze enemies. Grab the loot along with the 1up in the corner behind the blue teleporter and exit through it. Now back in the white chamber, take the red teleporter to exit. Now back in the red chamber, take the white teleporter to exit into the tunnel. Stop your momentum in the tunnel, turn your ship around and fly through the original opening. Now back in the blue area, fly through the teleporter we avoided before. Back in the original starting area, fly over to the power station and ease into it to get the battery. When the force field drops enemies that resemble pterodactyls (Fighter) will attack. Destroy them, grab the extra ammo unit and head for the exit. You should now be able to carry up to 40 weapons in each bay.

Planet Tessitura briefing:

“There is a detonator on this planet that the Pernitians don’t know about. Use it to take the planet out!”
Planet Tessitura hint:

“Destroy some more buildings…”

From starting point, behind the player on both sides are some energy units. At the opposite end of the area are floating buildings (Sky Base) that manufacture flying enemies. Take them out along with the tall building to get the hint. Enter the green teleporter and you’ll appear just below the right side lake. This world is full of Leeches so be ready to dive if one attaches itself. (The yellow key is located on the rectangular yellow area just south of where you enter. No idea what it’s for as I couldn’t find a yellow dome or power source anywhere on the planet.) Where the road emerges from the lake on the right side of the map is a 1up. Enter the tunnel from the right side entrance that’s under water. Leeches are in here as well as the walls being lined with guns (Tunnel Guns). To top it off, there are Chomping Doors you have to time your movement with to get through safely. When you reach the detonator, shoot it repeatedly until it triggers. A 30 second countdown will start. Take the exit across the room and punch it until you get to its exit. A newly activated teleporter will send you back to the starting area. Just ahead is the exit to finish the level.

Bonus planet

Planet Camillari briefing:

“This planet is completely unexplored. See what you can find.”

Absolutely nothing here but a rapid fire and many trees.

Planet Carnelius briefing:

“Search the mountains for 9 data pods that may have clues about Pernitian activities.”
Planet Carnelius hint:

“Remember to look above and below water.”

This level starts you off under the red acid water which depletes your ship’s energy. There are several energy pods scattered about so make your way around the edge of the rectangular ‘pool’ picking up the rapid fire and enhanced scanning items. Surface and fly along the upper edge of the map to pick up the 1st data pod. Continue along this path, navigating the narrow canyon until you’ve picked up the 2nd and 3rd data pods, then backtrack to the open ended ‘edge’ of the northernmost map. Fly north/up at the first opportunity when at the upper edge of the map and hopefully you’ll see the small stretch of green road. Follow it, blowing up buildings to the end where you’ll uncover a 1up. Fly back east/right a little and the 4th data pod will be sitting on the road. A shuttle carrying a data pod (that’s guarded by a tank) will eventually pass by. Destroy both and grab the 5th data pod. Follow the narrow canyon road around the larger of two small mountains to find another guarded shuttle with the 6th data pod. Follow the road around the long mountain range (heading toward the lowest corner of the map, then back upward) to locate the 7th data pod. It’ll be on the back of a fast moving convoy protected by a turret. You can take out the turret but the vehicle(s) are indestructible and will continue travelling. You’ll have to glide over the vehicle at the correct height and pick up the data pod while in flight. Make your way around the smaller mountain range at the lower right of the map to easily pick up the 8th data pod. Now, traverse over the water with long mountain range to your left to get to the narrow path leading to the 9th data pod. Fly to the left edge of the map from here to arrive on the right side, then go north back to the red pool. Dive in and exit the level.

Boss Stage

Planet Carmine briefing:

“The Cluster General’s last line of defence is his Walking Fortress. Destroy it piece by piece in order to destroy him.”

Easy boss. Try to stay behind him and get in a lot of shots before he can turn and start firing. Eventually, he’ll start shooting projectiles anyway but if you fire off a few shots and hit it in reverse full throttle and repeat, he won’t stand a chance. (full reverse to get out of range) Grab the plasma and make for the exit.

Ferial Cluster
Planet Streel briefing:

“There is a large weapons factory on this planet. Destroy it.”
Planet Streel hint:

“Search underground for a blue security key.”

From starting point, fly forward briefly along the road for the hint and enhanced scanning. Go left from there to enter the other (right) side of the map and destroy the center building on the brown, cross shape to expose a rapid fire. Proceed back to the left side of the map and go into the tunnel north of the starting point. Grab the yellow key and turn around to leave the way you entered. Head to the submerged tunnel and as soon as you enter, take out the wall mounted guns behind you. Pick up the blue key and enter the door. Come to a full stop as you enter this chamber. There are mines scattered about and wall guns. Take them out and leave as much of the surplus of energy as possible. It’ll come in very handy later. Go through the door on the opposite side of the room and again come to a complete stop. There’s a fast moving Leech in here and if you fail to pick him off, just reverse back through the door to remove it. The door at the end should now be unlocked so use it to exit. Head to the blue power station at the top of the map and grab its battery. Under the ‘X’ created where the bridges cross is where the red key is submerged. It’s located amidst several globe shaped buildings. Grab it and fly to the red circle south of the starting point to unlock the dome and grab the extra ammo hidden within. You’re max for all bays should be at least 50 now. Load up on weapons/energy and head to the goal. Take out the Weapons Factory and exit through the original teleporter to finish the level.

Planet Razen briefing:

“Our engineers have located another weapon stolen by the Pernitians. Recover two of the fragments from this planet.”
Planet Razen hint:

“Once the force field is down, look underwater for a tunnel.”

From starting point, turn right and go through the right side of the map. Keep going in this direction until you reach the flat line of the mountain range straight ahead. On it you’ll find another hint, rapid fire and enhanced scanning. There’s also a rapid fire on the back of a shuttle on the small, brownish square patch at the left of the map. There’s a 1up on the long, lowermost mountain range. It’s on a ridge with 5 buildings and hidden in the middle one. As you approach the 5 buildings, 6 Barricades will drive up out of the ground making it more difficult as they can’t be destroyed. Go through the bottom left side of the map (I go underwater to replenish energy by killing fish, plus there’s a lot of ammo down there) to arrive at the top right of the map. Make your way along the mountain range toward the extreme right and follow the arrow marked on the ground to the blue square it’s pointing at. Pick up the blue key. Fly through the right side of the screen and follow the arrow past the bridge. Several Barricades support it so it’s difficult to destroy. There’s a tank traveling back and forth over it and he seems overly trigger happy. Proceed through and grab the weapon fragment. Go back through the left side of the screen then up around the mountain range again. Head up to the top of the map to appear at the bottom again. Make your way along the mountains to the (blue) power station and grab the battery. Go back through the left side of the map (to the original starting point) and enter the submerged tunnel entrance. Shooting the switch on the wall will start the chomping doors. A Leech will appear so open fire the rest of the way through. If he attaches to you, reverse until you’re back in the lake. A kamikaze and wall mounted guns are waiting ahead. When you emerge, you’ll be in the small land mass almost center of the map where the goal is. Along with the other weapon fragment, there are turrets and Bandits. The Bandits pose the least problem here as weapon pods can be easily recovered due to the enclosed area but be sure not to leave here if anything’s been stolen. This is the only place you can get it back. (Not much actual concern though, since you’re mission is over and you’re heading for the exit.) Go back through the tunnel- avoiding the chomping doors and head for the teleporter.

Planet Charnel briefing:

“Another abandoned detonator has been located. Set it off to eliminate another Pernitian base of operations.”
Planet Charnel hint:

“Do you have all three keys yet? Key colors match sea colors.”

From starting point, make your way around the right mountain range taking out mines, kamikazes and sky bases that are launching Fighters. Rapid fire is on the right side of the tunnel entrance. After entering, you’ll hit a speed ring and jet through the rest of the tunnel passing through a white ring and picking up enhanced scanning along the way. You’ll end up in the light blue water at center left on the map where you can’t rise out of the water. Grab the energy you need and exit through the other side. Wall guns and a tank wait inside so hit the brakes and let them have it. There’s a solid door close to the exit. Shoot it repeatedly until it’s destroyed. After exiting, you’ll be submerged in the dark blue water (can’t surface here either.) The blue key is to the right very close to the tunnel. Grab it and proceed to the opposite end. Inside the next tunnel is a kamikaze, wall guns and a Leech. Hit the exit and you’ll emerge under the deadly red acid water that drains your ship’s energy. Again, to the right of the tunnel is the red key. Locate and bag it quickly. Start for the other end but stay close to the bottom to get the rapid fire there. Inside this red tunnel are more wall guns and a tank. A speed ring at the end sends you out the door at a hundred miles an hour. Now, you’re in the yellow lake toward the bottom of the map. The yellow key is along the bottom in the middle of the lake. A couple of Rays are in here so take them out fast and hope they leave behind some energy. On the entrance sides of the next tunnel are some skulls mixed in with other symbols. A speed ring appears almost immediately. Hit the ring and you’ll pick up all the energy along the ride. A chomping door is just ahead so hit the brakes and time your passing or let the momentum from the spped ring carry you and take your chances. Once past the chomping door you’ll get the hint. After exiting, you’ll be at the lowest part of the area with the goal. As soon as you enter, Bandits will attack and try to make away with your weapon pods. Kill ‘em with extreme prejudice. Make your way to the first (red) power station and take its battery. With the force field down, head along the right side and over the hill to destroy a cloaking tower. There’s a lot of weapons and energy in this valley, too. Deactivate the yellow power station. The last tower on the right conceals a 1up. I recommend killing all remaining Fighters (pterodactyls) now, as they’ll pursue you endlessly and continue to pound you with shots. Around the curve is the blue power station. Rob it and head for the detonator. Take out the two asswipe turrets on back of the train circling it. (I like to open up on the detonator from the right side with my ship facing the exit.) When the countdown commences, there’s not a lot of time to get your bearings. After setting it off, fly through, elevated above the course laden with mines and passing by the Sky Bases until you reach the teleporter. When you emerge, hang a right and full throttle down the path to the exit. You should make it with 3 or 4 seconds to go.

Planet Racker briefing:

“The Cluster General has hidden two weapon fragments on this planet. Find them before the Pernitians discover their full potential.”
Planet Racker hint:

“Use the red key before diving.”

From starting point, make your way right (east) to the large green rectangle. Here, in one of the buildings next to the blue dome, you’ll find rapid fire. The red dome is on the small green square directly above this land mass. (There’s another rapid fire on back of a shuttle traveling the green road closer to the large green rectangle at the upper left of the center.)

Head over to the sickle shaped mountain range at the left end of the map. On the blue square on the lower side of the mountains is the red key. Grab it and go through the upper left side of the map. Now on the lower right side, go to the tip of the arrow marking on the ground to pick up the blue key. Continue up to the goal symbol and enter the tunnel. Inside will be a tank, chomping door and wall guns. Take them out and shoot doors to open them. Enter the final chamber and take out the wall guns and kamikazes first, then retrieve the 1st weapon fragment. Doubleback to exit and head back down over the arrow. Pass through the right side of the map to enter the left. Head to the blue dome on the large green rectangle furthest to the lower right and pick up enhanced scanning. Now, go to the red dome on the small green square near the center of the map and dive into the hole that’s been revealed. Around the right side of the force field is the yellow power station. Take the battery and get the 2nd weapon fragment that was being shielded. Head to the hole and get topside. The exit teleporter is nearby. Hit it to finish the level and complete construction of the Incinerator, an additional weapon to put in the empty bay on your War Griffon.

Bonus Planet

Planet Kant Liur briefing:

“The Pernitians know we’re coming- shut off the detonator and capture their supplies.”
Planet Kant Liur hint:

“Using top down mode could help you navigate parts of this planet.”

This level starts with a 30 second countdown. From starting point, the blue key is hidden behind the trees to the right. Quickly grab it now, or navigate the trenches to return for it later. Rapid fire is in a speed ring at the beginning, just after the first few turns. Fly as fast as possible to the detonator and steal the battery from the nearby power station to shut it down. There’s a 1 up hidden behind the detonator. Destroy the trees blocking the alternate road out and take it. At the fork or ‘T’ in the road, take the red road to the left. Besides a lot of ammo, there’s a 1up on the green square, surrounded literally, on all sides by mines. Destroy them, grab the extra ship and vacate via the same path you arrived. At the Y, take the yellow road to the left. This road will be littered with Sky Bases so destroy everything in your path. In the large area at the end, wipe out all the lethal enemies, load up as much ammo as you can carry and make your way to the lowest point on the map to unlock the blue dome. There’s a 1up hiding inside. Grab it and make your way all the way back to the starting point to exit.

Planet Tyran Tehr briefing:

“Activate an ancient undersea detonator to destroy the surrounding Pernitian forces.”
Planet Tyran Tehr hint:

“Search all the tunnels!”

From starting point, go to where the goal icon is in the middle of the map. There’s a shuttle carrying rapid fire. (There’s another in the upper lake on the right edge along the blue path underwater right before the entrance to the tunnel.) Inside the tunnel between two chomping doors is the yellow key. There’s also a kamikaze and 2 tanks, so go in firing. In the chamber, shoot the wall guns and enter the yellow teleporter. You’ll appear underwater beneath the large purple rectangle toward the bottom. Take the blue road up to the goal. There are three energy units and a rapid fire surrounding the detonator. Set it off and escape to the north (up), still following the blue road. The tunnel is slightly off course to the left. Enter and go full speed. Blaze through the speed rings inside and blast out the other end very close to the exit.

Bonus Planet

Planet Brockshear briefing:

“This planet’s atmosphere is blocking our sensors. Go down and investigate.”
Planet Brockshear hint:

“There’s a magazine somewhere…”

From starting point underwater, go forward to pick up extra ammo. This will increase the max of each bay to 60. Turn around and exit.

Side note: If you rise out of the water upon landing, you can go to the red path at the left side, pick up the red key and floor it to the white marked area at the top to open the red dome revealing a 1up. There’s a blue dome over the power station near the center but to date, I haven’t located the key for it.

Planet Acrist briefing:

“A major Pernition fuel dump is on this planet. Destroy it to hamper their war efforts.”
Planet Acrist hint:

“Follow the roads, power a teleporter and destroy the fuel dump!”

To the right, along the path is a gulley with enhanced scanning and ammo. The path to the left provides a hint and leads to the small land mass near the center of the map from the tunnel at the far left. There’s a deactivated power station and some serious enemies in this area. Destroy the round, white buildings on the ridge for some much needed energy. Enter the other tunnel and avoid the chomping doors to pick up a battery. Exiting the opposite door puts you in the small area at the top center of the map (entering from the left side entrance.) There’s another deactivated power station here. When you add a battery, the teleporter in front of it comes to life. Entering sends you to the large, upper most land mass on the right side of the map. You’re immediately assaulted by Bandits that make off with your weapon pods. Kill them and get your gear back before proceeding. In a high crevice at the furthest left point is a 1up. Pass through the right side of the map to enter on the left. Check the road for a shuttle carrying rapid fire that’s guarded by two tanks. Get it and go back through the left side of the map to enter back in from the right. Make your way to the top of the map and pass through it to get to the small land mass at the extreme bottom. Fight your way to the tunnel entrance and destroy the Acrist Fuel Dump blocking it. (There’s a load of much needed energy to the right of the tunnel.) Once inside, start firing and make for the speed ring. After picking up some energy units, you’ll want to blast your way through the mines that follow. When you exit you’ll be back near the starting point. (Either way you go from the beginning, the paths lead to the same goal)

Planet Phyrric briefing:

“The Sutherland’s navigation system is low on power. Go down to the planet surface and activate the Stella Power Line.”
Planet Phyrric hint:

“Follow the yellow road!”

Take the yellow road and pick up the rapid fire on the left, just a little way down. Go to the right where the large curve is and destroy the turret in the circle of trees. The blue key is there also. Grab the key and jack the battery from the nearby power station. Proceed to the end of the yellow road where you’ll find the blue power station. Insert the battery and make your way back to the starting point to finish the level.

Boss Stage

Planet Ferial briefing:

“The General of this cluster is a deadly star. You must destroy it to get plasma for the Sutherland.”
Planet Ferial hint:

“Shoot the legs!”

From starting point, the hint is straight ahead. After snagging it, turn to the left and grab the rapid fire. Head to the narrow gap between the two uppermost mountain ranges to get a battery. Use it at the power station near the left corner of the map. This will give power to the adjoining Depot and a shuttle carrying a 1up will leave from it. Get it and go find the Boss. When you get in the same screen as this candy-ass, he’ll move aggressively toward you without flinching. Just hit reverse and drop mines. He’ll run into them all day long in his hatred filled pursuit of you. They take quite a toll on him so it won’t be long before he’s just another box of plasma. Hit the teleporter to finish this cluster.

Pan Alma Cluster
Planet Moncrest briefing:

“A new Pernition weapon is in development. Collect two weapon fragments and bring them back to the Sutherland.”
Planet Moncrest hint:

“Look underground for a key. Watch out for mines!”

From starting point, the hint is straight ahead & rapid fire is directly behind. Go to the island with the small mountain range just north and get the red key. (there’s also a rapid fire nearby) The red dome is where the closest goal is to the starting point. Go there and dive in to get the 1st weapon fragment. (don’t bother with the south pass leading up through the mountains to the tunnel entrance. It’s a lot of effort and energy drain to discover that the door is locked) Now, make your way around the left edge of the topmost mountain range. (At the very top right in the small inward curve of land is a narrow passage that leads to a gulley in the mountain with missiles and several energy units, if needed) Take the small twisting road that leads into the mountains to the tunnel entrance. Inside the tunnel are 2 Leeches and 2 tanks. The chamber at the end is full of mines and speed rings. There’s also a white ring to replenish energy, along with 3 doors. The door to the left has Kamikazes, a Leech and a tank, but also the blue key. (The door at the end is sealed and cannot be opened.) The door to the right has two tanks and two chomping doors with a sealed exit. Nothing of importance inside. The door on the opposite side of the chamber is red inside- with wall guns and mines, one of which is just on the other side of the entrance so go in guns blazing. The yellow key is at the end along with a sealed door. Backtrack to the twisting mountain pass and continue along the left edge to the right corner of the map. (there will be 2 white rings available along the way) Fly all the way down to the yellow power station and take its battery. (from here, you can fly up the mountain pass to the tunnel entrance to unlock the previously inaccessible door (but that seems moot at this late stage of the mission.) Destroy the Sky Bases as you go so they can’t produce any more Fighters. Inside are tanks and chomping doors. Make your way to the chamber to ‘unlock’ the door.) Once the force field is down go to the island and grab the 2nd weapon fragment (and enhanced scanning.) Head to the teleporter to finish.

Planet Lubriki briefing:

“There are two weapon fragments on this watery outpost. Our engineers want you to get them- They may make another weapon.”
Planet Lubriki hint:

“Follow the path to get the keys.”

From starting point, straight ahead is the hint and the sealed yellow power station. Move in reverse and turn to the left 90°. Go around the mountain perimeter and head north, up the middle of the map to the ‘T’ and take a right. Go all the way down and get the red key. Turn around and go all the way to the opposite end to get the yellow key. Backtrack to the lower part of the map and take a right (now heading for the left corner). Ahead is a yellow dome on a red square. Inside is a 1up. Along the way, on the edge of the map is rapid fire. (It’s not in the deep trench, although some energy units are, it’s ‘floating’ close to the ceiling. Also, at the furthest point north in the small area to the right of the goal on the right side of the map is rapid fire.) Get the 1up and take a right. Go to the red power station and get the battery. Continue north to the goal. The area where the weapon fragment is has many tunas (Torps) and the lighting/wall patterns are different. Destroy the Torps and skim the bottom for the 1st weapon fragment. Move back down to where the power station is. Cross through the left side of the map into the right. You’ll be heading straight toward a yellow dome on a yellow square. Slowly approach it with guns blazing. When it opens a mine will be revealed. Destroy it and continue toward the yellow domed power station sitting on a red square. (it’s very close to the starting point.) Unlock it and take the battery. Go north to the goal. Use the speed rings to plow right through enemies, unharmed. Once in the Torp’s den, again skim the bottom for the 2nd weapon fragment. Head back to the teleporter to exit. You should now have the invaluable Mortar as a weapon for the War Griffon.

Planet Alamay briefing:

“Enemy carrier ships have been seen refueling at planet Alamay. Destroy the Fuel Dump to stop the carriers.”
Planet Alamay hint:

“’X’ marks the spot for the yellow key, but if you need extra ammo, you must brave the acid water.”

Rapid fire is on a shuttle guarded by two tanks on the island connected by the bridge. Enhanced scanning is at the end of the northwesternmost blue path that’s leading slightly into the mountains. (the inlet at the mountain range on the upper left side) There’s a bright yellow X over the large square yellow land mass near the bottom of the map. Submerge in the acid water and go underneath this island. The yellow key is there along with mines. After retrieving the yellow key, surface and move upward toward the power station symbol. The power station is underwater and its location can be identified by the bright yellow square on top of the water. (it’s of course easily found following the green ‘connection’ marks but the square is useful in that you can position your ship directly in the center to move straight down and get the battery, then move straight back up. This minimizes the time spent in the acid and seems to work better than wasting time trying to ease in from the sides as your ship burns up.) Follow the dead connection marks back to the right of the starting point where the red key is now available- along with an Airbase that’s cranking out Fighters. Get the red key and head up to the other (red) power station on the island at the upper right. After ripping out the battery, head for the goal. Destroy the Airbase, tank and any remaining pterodactyls, then lob 4 Mortars at the fuel dump to call it a day.

NOTE: There’s a white ring on the nearby lower yellow peninsula, if needed.

SIDENOTE: I never found the underwater extra ammo the hint mentioned. Flew over every inch with enhanced scanning but that turned up nada.

Planet Shau Yen briefing:

“There is an H.Q. building on this planet. You must destroy it in order to disrupt Pernitian attack plans.”
Planet Shau Yen hint:

“Do you have the blue key from underwater?”

From starting point, go straight on the brightly lit red path just beyond the first left turn and grab enhanced scanning. Rapid fire is high on a ledge along the path (the ledge is on the right) if you go forward from the starting point and take the second left. Follow the red path around until you can veer off on the longer white path. At the far end is the red key. Go up from there to the ‘T’ and take out the cloaking building. Now, head along this upper red path through the left side and continue straight toward the power station on the right side. Go around the force field and take the battery. (There’s a hole in the surface ahead but without the blue key, it’s pointless to leave the water right now.) Now, go down to the short white road. The blue key is at the innermost end. Get it and go back to the hole above (marked with a red circle-or use the hole above the starting point.) Emerge from the depths with guns blazing as several bandits will be waiting. Once topside, head for the blue power station. Disable it and fly to the goal. Several Air Bases will be in the area launching Fighters. Take care of them and fire a few Incinerators at the H.Q. Building to level it. Head back to the starting point and dive in to finish.

Bonus Planet

Planet Tantaul briefing:

“There have been no recorded sightings of this planet before. Explore with caution.”
Planet Tantaul hint:

“You can leave at any time.”

Fly through the valley and get to the top of the hill located just under the short white strip at the top of the map. Carefully weave between the floating rocks to nab the blue key. Enter the teleporter to access the part of the map with the tunnel entrance. Entering the tunnel will give you the yellow and red keys. Unavoidable speed rings will launch you, unharmed, through various enemies and energy units. You’ll pass through multiple doors/tunnels and grab a 1up right before being hurled back into the main area. Go back to the starting point to finish.

SIDENOTE: If there was a use for the yellow or red keys, I didn’t find it. The map shows a power station icon at the starting point but I found only walls and trees with no way to access it.

Planet Mehrcor briefing:

“The detonator will be difficult to activate, but can take out the entire planet. Good luck.”

From starting point, pass through the bottom of the map to enter the yellow outlined square at the top right. Amongst the submerged buildings will be the red key. Rapid fire is on the bottom of this ocean about midway between an imaginary line running from the very bottom corner of the yellow outlined square to the power station. Once you have it, take off for the red power station on the far left of the map. It’s above water (and there are submerged energy units along the short white strip in the middle, as well as a white ring at the left *largest* end of the bottom most land mass, if needed. ) After removing the battery, go down to the other ‘spoon shaped’ mass (far left cornerof the map) and at the left end, get the blue key. Exit the left side of the map and make your way to the submerged blue power station on the right of the map. Kill it and head for the goal. Enter the submerged tunnel and let the speed rings rocket you through until you reach the sealed door. Back up a little and shoot the switch. This will activate three chomping doors. Their rhythm is slower than earlier ones so timing is awkward. Proceed through and blast the next door to pieces. Pass through the exit slowly. (Inside this chamber, there are indestructible pillars on the other side of the entrance and they’ll heavily damage your ship if met with horrendous speed.) A kamikaze will attack and wall guns are mounted in several places. Take them out and weave through the pillars to find the detonator. (I maneuvered my ship behind the detonator facing the widest opening (through the pillars) along the back wall.) Trip the detonator and get out asap. Hit the tunnel and floor it until you get to the speed ring. It’ll launch you into the ocean, where quickly surfacing saves a lot of time. Follow the yellow arrow on your HUD and dive at the last second. You should easily beat the timer and have up to five seconds to spare.

Planet Tok Lahar briefing:

“Collecting 9 data pods from this planet will help us plan our attack on the General’s home planet.”
Planet Tok Lahar hint:

“Watch your radar for pods.”

From starting point, head up the road and on the right edge of it, just before the speed ring, is enhanced scanning. The 1st data pod is on a high ridge on the right side. There are three turrets mounted up there as well. (three turrets on a high ridge on the opposite side, too) Nuke the turrets, grab the pod and continue along the road around the turn. The 2nd data pod will be on the road. Glide over it, hit the upcoming speed ring and stay on the right edge of the road to pick up rapid fire. Around the curve, look for the hint just before the 3rd and 4th data pods, which are on high ridges directly across from one another. Each is accompanied by three turrets so cruise missile them all and grab the pods. Continue around the curve (shooting as many fish, Torps and Rays as possible for precious energy) to snag the 5th data pod. It’s off the path a little on the left. The 6th and 7th data pods are on the same type of ridges as before, with the same protection. Nuke ‘em all, grab the goodies and continue forward. The 8th data pod is nestled at the northernmost end of the large mass, usually with a sub in the immediate area. Shoot to kill and bag the pod. The 9th and final data pod is literally at the end of the road. A well placed speed ring makes acquiring it a breeze. After doing so, backtrack (firing nonstop) the entire distance and hit the teleporter to escape this underwater death trap.

Boss Stage

Planet Pan Alma briefing:

“The Cluster General has taken plasma aboard his battle ship. Sink it and recover the plasma so we can move on to the Straussen Cluster.”
Planet Pan Alma hint:

“Watch for power rings.”

From starting point, enhanced scanning is behind the teleporter on the same green square. Head around the snaking curves until you reach the battle ship. Fly around behind it and throw Mortars until you sink this floating nightmare. Grab the plasma and head for the exit.

Straussen Cluster
Planet Dreich briefing:

“Our scanners have detected two weapon fragments on this planet. Steal them.”
Planet Dreich hint:

“Check dead end valleys.”

From starting point, move along the course taking a left at the first ‘T’. Head to the goal at the left side of the map. Upon arriving, you’ll find a weapon fragment and the yellow key. Grab them and make your way to the opposite end where the submerged tunnel entrance is. (The small pond at the dead end near the tunnel contains four energy units.) To the left of the tunnel entrance are rapid fire and enhanced scanning. Pick them up and enter the tunnel. Having the yellow key unlocks the door within. Proceed through using the speed rings to smash through the abundant mines. The first chamber is filled with energy units and a few wall guns. Clear them out and SLOWLY go through the door on the other side. In this chamber there are indestructible pillars, some wall guns close to the entrance and a few weapon pods. Safely navigate to the door on the opposite wall. Inside this tunnel are at least three tanks and kamikazes as well as a collapsible door. Upon entering this shielded area, (other side of the force field) you’ll be directly facing an Air Base that’s spitting out a never ending barrage of pterodactyls. Decimate it and hang a left to disable the power station. After doing so, grab the weapon fragment and navigate the maze back to the teleporter to end the level.

Planet Sturm Keil briefing:

“There is a Weapons Factory on this asteroid that is making ships for an invasion of Earth. Destroy the factory or we will soon be overwhelmed!”
Planet Sturm Keil hint:

“There is a key near the factory. The blue power station controls the Fans.”

From starting point, Fly to the upper right ledge and grab extra ammo. (this will increase the max of your weapon bays by 10 ea.) Destroy all the buildings but preserve the ammo for after the battles ahead. On the second upper right ledge, concealed by a building, is rapid fire. When you enter the bottom of the map on the second ‘stripe,’ enhanced scanning is on the upper left ledge. The blue power station is in this area but useless until you have the blue key so once you have the extra ammo, enhanced scanning and rapid fire, you can use the speed rings to advance as there’s really nothing else of significance to pick up until the last portion of the planet. (another enhanced scanning is located near the beginning of the third ‘stripe’ on the upper left ledge) In the third ‘stripe,’ proceed forward and disregard the tunnel as the other end is locked via the blue key. There’s a (much needed) white ring in the widest part of this area surrounded by multiple turrets. There’s another rapid fire on the upper right ledge at the beginning of the fourth ‘strip.’ The blue key is located inside a speed ring in the lower fifth ‘stripe.’ Indestructible Fans are blowing here so line up the speed rings and go through the first to barely reach the second, grabbing the blue key. Return to the blue power station via speed rings. Snag the battery and (OPTIONAL, TO REPLENISH ENERGY: head back to the tunnel. Once inside, watch out for the Leech and several kamikazes. The door at the other end will now open. Inside the chamber, take out the Guard as soon as possible. He’ll keep unleashing homing missiles until one of you is dead. Grab the weapon pods and exit through the other door. There are twelve energy units in the next tunnel and several more scattered about the valley you exit into. Backtrack and) head back to the lower area of the fifth ‘stripe.’ With the fans down, make quick work of the Factory by hurling a few Mortars or using the Incinerator. When complete, speed ring your way back to the teleporter and finish the mission.

Planet Sten Dahl briefing:

“Collect both weapon fragments from this planet. They may be related to the ones on Dreich.”
Planet Sten Dahl hint:

“Go to the nearest power station first then find three keys!”

From starting point, move forward for the hint then slightly to the left. In the distance is a power station. (its lightning bolt icon is initially covered up by the destination arrow.) Grab the battery, rise straight up out of the water and follow the dead energy trail marks to the lowest white square to recover the blue key. Enhanced scanning is in the middle building. Now, fly up to where the small blue square is marked on the water’s surface. Dive down to the blue power station and jack the battery. Surface and go down to the now unlocked area with the goal. The round building to the left of the entrance holds the yellow key. Energy units are scattered here and the remaining round buildings offer one each. Kill the pterodactyls and replenish as much as possible. Obliterate the center building to get the 1st weapon fragment. Pass through the right side of the map and dive on the left side of the wall where the power station icon is. Sink to the bottom and disable the yellow power station. Head into the newly unlocked white square at the left of the map. The red key is to the right of the entrance and rapid fire is in the middle building. Make your way to the red power station near the center of the map. Submerge on the upper side of the walls’ four way intersection. Get the battery and enter the red square area to obtain the 2nd weapon fragment. It’s in the center building. Destroy the Bandits and pterodactyls, grab the item and haul ass for the exit. You should now have the Hammer as a new weapon.

Planet Lacerat briefing:

“There is a detonator hidden underground on this dangerous planet. Activate it and get out.”
Planet Lacerat hint:

“The blue key is in a mine field.”

From starting point, straight ahead is the hint. (along the upper right edge of the map is the blue power station and a tunnel that has a door locked at the other end by the red key as well as a force field protected area.) Fly around to the left edge of the screen so the long, thin mountain range is on your left. Make your way down through the mine field. There are five speed rings in a row and the blue key is in the middle one. Backtrack to the blue power station and get the battery. The force field will drop and there’s quite a bit of energy for the taking. Load up and fight your way down to the small mountain range encircled by the road. Several tanks will be patrolling here and Air Bases abound. At the lower end of the mountain on the road is the red key. (nearby is the yellow power station) Pick up the red key and head to the tunnel. Inside are the usual variety of enemies along with a ridiculous amount of wall guns. Do your thing and make for the exit. You’ll emerge on the right side of the map to find an abundance of energy and airborne enemies. At the bottom of the upper mountain is a yellow power station. Beneath here, where the area dead ends (close to the right map edge) is the yellow key, which is guarded by two turrets. Swipe it and deactivate the power station. The Fans will no longer have power. (OPTIONAL WEAPONS AND 1UPS: Now possessing the yellow key and Fans disabled, go back through the tunnel and down to the other yellow power station. Unlocking it will provide access to the adjoining area, yielding two 1ups and rapid fire. Fly through the top of the map where the wide acid river is and at the lowest part of the map is a fan with a 1up. Grab it and head back to the tunnel. Once on the other side, use the following info*)

*Proceed to the bottom area of the map. There are three inlets. The top one has a white ring. The middle one has three buildings, each concealing a pterodactyl. The lowest one with the tunnel entrance also has a white ring. Immediately after entering you’ll be in a chamber with the detonator. Carefully position your ship in the corner behind it so you’re facing the exit. Raise your ship up as high as possible and shoot until it triggers. Rise up slightly and floor it. The exit door is at an angle so adjust on the fly to make it in on the first attempt. Full throttle through the next area, constantly checking your map for your bearings. When you get inside the tunnel, don’t slow down at all- there’s no reason to. When you emerge, make a B-line for the exit- still checking your map frequently. Drop into the shallow pit where the exit teleporter is and vacate the premises double time! (if you don’t make it, no worries. You’ll still successfully pass the mission but ol’ Sean Connery will give you an ass reaming about losing the War Griffon :P)

Boss Stage

Planet Straussen briefing:

“The Cluster General has been forced to retreat with his supply of plasma. He can only be attacked from above…”
Planet Straussen hint:

“Try Mortars…”

Open your mapping screen and set your white arrow on the power station. Go there quickly and grab the battery. (this planet is extremely dark) Head back to the starting point and access the formerly shielded area for tons of ammo, some energy units and a white ring. If the General isn’t already right on top of you, go find him. The best strategy is to fly in reverse while continuously pounding his face with mortars. Eventually you’ll blow off his bottom jaw and he’ll stop that incessant chomping. Keep up the barrage of Mortaring and soon he’ll be reduced to a UPS package sized container of plasma. Skylar will initiate the exit comment but before leaving, cruise on over to the tunnel entrance. On the other side of the door is a chamber with a detonator that will ahhihalate this planet. Hit it with a full frontal assault and get to the exit. The teleporter is a good distance away but you should have plenty of time.

Pyroxine Cluster
Planet Procaine briefing:

“The H.Q. in this desert organizes all the attacks on Earth. Destroy it.”
Planet Procaine hint:

“Try the right one.”

From starting point, you’re facing a force field (the lower curving right area with the goal is shielded) Behind you is the blue power station. Up and to the right are three teleporters, blue, red and yellow. (from left to right) Enter the yellow one. You’ll emerge in the large area above the goal. The yellow key is in the tall tower at the far right. (if you get a Leech on your ship, make for the pink teleporter. It’ll kill the Leech and send you to the watery area at the bottom of the map. There’s nothing important in this area besides fish for energy so teleport back out and you’ll arrive in front of the three colored teleporters again) Grab the yellow key that’s sitting nearby and rob its power station. In the now open area, a giant orange worm will attack ferociously. End him quickly with the Incinerator. At the very top of this area (where the pink road looks like a longer horizontal line with three shorter vertical lines crossing it) is the red key. It’s hiding in the middle tower. Get it and go to the nearby red power station. Disable it and enter the area to the left. You’ll pass the blue power station on your way up to the highest point on the map. There’s a narrow mountain pass that leads to the blue key. Grab it and go to the power station. The force field to the lower (original) section is gone. Head down to the starting point where the first blue power station is. Snag the battery and head into the new area. A red power station awaits. Deactivate it and move on to the yellow one. Do the magic and blaze toward the H.Q. Building. Tag it with some Mortars and take off for the exit.

Planet Thiazol briefing:

“There is a Pernitian Air Force Spaceport on this planet. You must destroy it before it launches another attack.”
Planet Thiazol hint:

“Don’t always take the teleporter that is nearest to you.”

The starting point is tightly enclosed in a force field with a blue and a yellow teleporter. Enter the yellow one and you’ll appear at the thin crossroads to the left of the map’s center. Go to the large area to the left. It has two teleporters, a red and a pink. The pink one takes you to the large square at the very top of the map where you can get rapid fire. This area is filled with Bandits so kill as many as possible before being robbed blind by these pests. Go over to the large square area at the upper right to get enhanced scanning. (the blue teleporter at the starting point also brings you here) There’s also quite a bit of energy in the round buildings. While most of the teleporters lead to random places on the map, the white teleporter on the square to the left of the starting point (far lower left corner of the map) puts you within the force field of the square directly above the starting point. From there, enter the yellow teleporter to emerge within the force field on the smaller square at the top right of the map. While inside, grab the red key and exit via the only (blue) teleporter available. Fly to the red power station at the right and disable it. Follow the dead connection marks to the Spaceport and blast away. (A volley of Hammers will take out the stauesque pterodactyls waiting to launch from within and following up with a few Mortars will annihilate the Spaceport.) Head back to the now unshielded exit to finish.

Planet Phemeral briefing:

“We have been detected by radar on this planet. Destroy the military radar before Pernitian forces arrive.”
Planet Phemeral hint:

“Tunnel, key, tunnel, water.”

From starting point, rise out of the water and take out enemy ships on the surface, as they will continuously drop depth charges while you’re submerged. Fly to the tunnel entrance at the upper right of the map. Inside, unavoidable speed rings will hurl you through, keeping you damage free from the kamikazes. When you emerge, you’ll be in the yellow area on the right. Taking the path to the right will produce rapid fire and the hint. After securing these, move along the path and enter the left side of the map. Another rapid fire will be just to the right. Move down through the bottom of the map using the path in the extreme left corner. Take the left turn into the shielded area (that would be leading to the tunnel entrance) and pick up the yellow key. Backtrack to the yellow area on the right side and re-enter the tunnel. After emerging, fly up through the screen and dive down for the yellow power station’s battery. Go back to the tunnel. (there’s quite a bit of energy underwater where the river bends toward the top of the map) Now, back in the yellow area on the right, take the path to the left and pass through the map to the left side. Head to the tunnel entrance. You’ll emerge from the other tunnel (on this side of the map/area.) The fans are disabled now so head down to the goal. (there’s another rapid fire on the path) Take out the turrets, tanks and flying enemies around the radar then smash it to bits. Head for the tunnel to start the journey back to the exit. Dive in and exit to make this place a memory.

Planet Cyclozone briefing:

“The Pernitians are developing a new detonator on this planet. They plan to ship it to Earth when they’re finished! Destroy it before it is sent to Earth.”
Planet Cyclozone hint:

“Search the cross-over bridges for some keys. The red one is in a river canyon.”

Your ship hatches directly in front of and facing the blue power station. Fans immediately start blowing you to the side. Behind you is the large brown rectangular area. It’s filled with vicious enemies and energy can quickly be lost battling them. Destroy the tall tower in the center to reveal a white ring at a high(er) elevation. Fly to the lower right edge of the map around where the road disappears into the acid water. The red key is submerged there. Get it and head to the bridges. The yellow and blue keys are on the backs of shuttles that will cross them. Destroy the bridges and let the keys come to you. Disable the yellow power station controlling the Fans, which is across the river. Head to the furthest left point you are able to get to (where the mountain range circles around the edge of the island) and destroy the tall tower for a 1up. (it’s surrounded by mines and there are three energy units at an elevation that’s just out of reach-wtf!) Now, go to the locked red dome on the larger upper island at the lower left on the large brown area with the path leading to it from the bridge. It hides a 1up. Enhanced scanning is in the smaller brown gulley above it. Another 1up is on the back of a shuttle traveling around the path at the upper right portion of this area. Spike it with a cruise missile and get the free ship. Make your way back to the blue dome at the starting point and take the battery. Head for the tunnel entrance but on the way, go just below its position on the map, under the mountain range encompassing it, and go to the right where the path is leading through a break in the mountains. There’s a cloaking tower there that needs to be destroyed. Fly back up and enter the tunnel. A Leech will quickly attach itself to your ship. Reverse out the door to remove it. Kamikazes and a chomping door lie ahead. Enter the door at the end to find the detonator. Light the fuse and get out. Outside, it won’t be far to the exit but now Barricades have sprung up all around it. Navigate through and you’re home free.

Bonus Planet

Planet Borazine briefing:

“This decayed industrial world has been set to explode by the Pernitia. Deactivate the detonator and retrieve all the ammo.”
Planet Borazine hint:

“You must re-activate the detonator to leave the planet.”

This level starts with a 30 second countdown. Move quickly along the blue road to the teleporter. You’ll emerge at the other one on the right side of the map. Get to the power station asap and swipe the battery. The countdown stops and it’s free reign of the place but however much time you had left will be all you have to get back off the planet. (when you pull the battery to stop the detonator, it also disables the teleporter needed to get back inside the mountain range to exit) The domed building at the lower right of the bottom of the mountain range circling the starting point hides a 1up. The rest of them unleash a pterodactyl when destroyed. (this 1up will help you at least break even if you didn’t have enough time to escape) The rectangular patch of land at the far left along the lower edge of the map has three weapon fragments all in a row. They’re protected by Fans but you can use speed rings (or even the power of your ship) to get them. (Skylar will say, “Weapon fragment”) as you pick up pieces, then “Objective found” when you have the third) It takes a few attempts to pull off and what’s worse is Barricades are hammering up from the ground in timed intervals underneath them. It’s worth it though, as you will have 75% of the Flash weapon.

Planet Alkelam briefing:

“There is a detonator hidden underground on this planet. You must find and activate it.”
Planet Alkelam hint:

“Try the tunnel at the lower left of your map.”

From starting point, move ‘up’ the path into the top portion of the map. Not far along, a rapid fire is sitting in the road. The yellow power station is submerged just off shore to the right. Head back to the lower part of the map and explore the green area at the map’s bottom corner. The longer horizontal stretch that touches the right edge of the map has a cloaking tower. Take it out and continue forward into the left side of the map. Dive to the tunnel and enter. Speed rings will get you to the other side unharmed, picking up some energy along the way. The chamber at the end holds the blue key. Grab it and double back to the surface. Fly through the bottom of the map into the top and dive to enter the tunnel at the extreme right corner. The blue key will unlock the inner door, leading to wall guns and kamikazes. The chamber at the end has the red key. Get back to the surface and go to the other submerged tunnel to the upper left on the map. Speed rings will get you to the other end intact and the locked red door is passable now. The chamber has the yellow key along with energy units that can be tricky to acquire due to several speed rings in this tightly enclosed space. Go back to the surface and dive at the power station to deactivate it. The Fans are down at this point so enter the tunnel near the starting point. When you pass the chomping doors and tanks waiting inside, there’s a chamber at the end with the detonator. Take out the wall guns and position your ship where the least amount of resistance is for escaping. (I sit between the pillars and wall where the guns were, facing the line of pillars. From here you can turn slightly to the left to shoot the detonator, then turn to the right to be facing the door) You have to shoot the triggers for the doors on your way out so keep your sights centered and fire repeatedly on whichever side it’s on. (they switch sides for each door) Make your way out and go full throttle to the nearby exit.

Bonus Planet

Planet Isolmin briefing:

“There is a detonator on this planet. You must deactivate it but be careful of the Leeches.”
Planet Isolmin hint:

“Which power station is the correct one?”

This level starts with a 30 second countdown. Fly through the narrow passage onnecting to the larger upper area, picking up the red key that’s spinning in this thin opening. Once in, follow the blue path to the left and disable it first. The countdown will stop and you can disable the other two power stations. With the entire place open, go to the large purple rectangle at the top of the map. Grab the 1up in front of the detonator and the 1st weapon fragment nearby. Make your way around the lower perimeter to find the 2nd weapon fragment. Battle the onslaught of Leeches as you head back to the exit. Upon boarding the Sutherland, you should have the Flash as a new weapon.

Planet Methyla briefing:

“Methyla is home to the Pernitian military base that is responsible for planning and executing all wars of conquest. There are 4 vital data pods here. You must steal them.”
Planet Methyla hint:

“The blue key is in water. Check under the bridge too…”

From starting point, fly to and destroy the bridge at the upper area of the map. The tanks circling this road will meet their doom. Underneath, rapid fire is at one end of the gulley, enhanced scanning at the other. (there’s another enhanced scanning on the path in front of the lower mountain range at the left hiding in the tower at the far end. There’s also a ton of energy in the valley next to it) Fly through the left side of the map and go to the top of the small hill at the right corner to get the yellow key. Go to the power stations in the center of the map to open and disable the yellow one. Now, head to the goal furthest left on the map. Its Fans are down making the 1st data pod an easy grab. There’s a red circle marked at the bottom corner of the map. A turret sits here and once destroyed, reveals a hole to dive into. The blue key will be in the bottom right corner. Take it back to its power station and follow the dead connection marks to the inside of the mountain range at the upper right of the map. Enter the tunnel, firing all the way through. Take out the wall guns and enter the chamber. Inside are three more doors. The door to the immediate right of the original entrance opens into a tunnel that speed rings you through enemies and into a chamber with the 2nd data pod, rapid fire and a plethora of energy units. The door on the opposite wall (of the original entrance) leads to a tunnel with several chomping doors and tanks. The chamber at the end holds the red key and rapid fire. There’s another door on the opposite wall that eventually leads back into the main chamber (with 4 doors) via the door on the left (of the original entrance.) Find the door you initially entered from to get back out. (the sides of the tunnel are horizontally striped with white, blue and yellow) After re-surfacing, fly back to the red power station for the battery, then easily pick up the 3rd and 4th data pods to open the exit.

Boss Stage

Planet Pyroxine briefing:

“The Cluster General on this planet has mutated into a giant worm. Eliminate him and get his plasma.”

Load up on ammo and enter the tunnel with the Incinerator as your weapon. Inside, open fire to kill all the Leeches before they can attach. You’ll emerge in the other section where rapid fire will be waiting dead ahead. Enter the teleporter to return to the original section. Fly up to the goal and enter the tunnel. The walls are lined with a spiraling décor of the skull pattern. Make your way to the impenetrable door at the end and turn around. Head back to the entrance and the worm will be spinning along the spiraled pattern in your direction. Hit him with a barrage of Mortars to end his day on a low note. Exit and hit the teleporter to finish this Cluster.

Cygnus Cluster
Planet Lupus briefing:

“An ancient Pernitian weapon was lost in this cluster, and two fragments are on Lupus. Find the fragments and bring them back.”
Planet Lupus hint:

“Teleporters are special on this world. Take spare batteries with you.”

Fly to the inside bottom curve of the ‘S’ shaped mountain range at the bottom of the map. Waiting there are the red key, a battery and right next to them, is the red power station. Light it up and the previously inactive Base at the other end of the road will now produce a shuttle carrying the yellow key. Grab it and reclaim the battery then go through the bottom of the map to enter the top. Enhanced scanning on the short length of road at the right corner of the map near the water’s edge. Fly through the right side of the map into the left. Rapid fire is at the bottom of the small hill (take the path spiraling downward) at the uppermost point of the map. Go down to the power station at the left of the map and insert the battery. Enter the teleporter and you’ll appear under the acid water at the bottom of the map. Quickly rise and head back to where you got the red key and battery next to the red power station at the beginning of the mission. The items will be there again (as this world is a mirror of the original-notice in the mapping screen that the previously blue mark under the upper right side teleporter is now yellow) so repeat the process of enabling the Base & shuttle but this time it’ll be carrying the blue key. Get it, go to the yellow power station and disable it. The area inside the ‘C’ shaped mountain range will be accessible. Search there for a Snatcher gliding around with the 1st weapon fragment. Make him a memory, grab the piece and pass through the lower right side of the map into the upper left side. Fly back to the power station with the teleporter and activate it. (you should have two batteries) Next, maneuver around the mountains to the (now blue again) power station. After disabling it, repeat the earlier process of scouring the area for the Snatcher. Pound him mercilessly, grab the 2nd weapon fragment and make for the exit.

Planet Chalnook briefing:

“The Pernitians lost two weapon fragments on this world. Find them both.”
Planet Chalnook hint:

“Teleporting on this strange planet has very unusual effects. Try to work out what’s happened and where you are.”

From starting point, turn around and get the yellow key just down the path. A shuttle carrying rapid fire will be traveling here, too. Enhanced scanning is higher up on the right side of the narrow path where the teleporter at the left is. The yellow key will unlock the dome over the submerged power station but you need a battery. Enter the teleporter and you will materialize in the mirror of this world. The blue power station is at the upper left. (It’s NOT powering the force field around the submerged goal to the right, though.) The blue key is where the roads meet at the top of the map. Get it and head down to unlock its power station. Now re-enter the teleporter and dive into the acid water to place the battery in the power station. The 1st weapon fragment is now available on the large green square to the left. Dive down to the yellow power station submerged in the acid water and insert a battery. Enter the teleporter again. Upon emerging on the far right side of the map, a shuttle carrying the red key will be in the area. Grab it and re-enter the teleporter. When you emerge, the red power station will be dead ahead. Unlock and loot it, then return to the teleporter. Dive for the 2nd weapon fragment in the middle of the acid lake. Once again, return to the teleporter. Round the last turn to enter the exit and put an end to the confusion. You should now have the Shield for your War Hammer.

Boss Stage

Planet Cygnus briefing:

“The Pernitians have come up with their own morphing fighter, known as the P-Griffon. The Cluster General is testing it. Stop him!”

During the first few minutes, the P-Griffon is near impossible to damage. Use shields every time it makes a sweep at you until he resorts to different tactics, namely, dropping mines then retreating. Hit him with Hammers and Incinerators until he’s finished. There are several trains moving along the roads. Each is protected with 2 turrets and one of them is carrying a 1up. Grab it and head to the exit. The last Cluster awaits.

Pernish Cluster
Boss Cluster

Planet Laxer briefing:

“The Walker you destroyed on the Zephyr Cluster has been rebuilt. Collect the plasma he drops when you kill him. It will help power the main gun on the Sutherland so it can destroy Pernish.”

From starting point, turn to the right and enter the teleport at the other end. When you emerge, enhanced scanning is straight ahead. Two Rapid fires are on the right edge of the mountain range. (upper and lower) Sneak up behind the Walker and unload Incinerators on him. He’ll fall shortly thereafter. There’s a cloaking tower at the upper right of the round mountain range where the small circle next to the goal is. Destroy it to unlock a bonus planet. Get his plasma and Dive in one of the upper right circles. The battery to activate the power station is located around the area where the two on the furthest right are. (the enclosed underwater area at the bottom of the map is a great place to replenish energy. The only enemies here are fish that provide energy units) Once you insert the battery, head into the green teleporter to exit.

Planet Phantim briefing:

“The Killer Bee you destroyed on Carmine was only one of a pair! Take it out and bring its plasma back to the Sutherland.”

Enhanced scanning, rapid fire, a 1up and a white ring are on top of the highest peak in the series of spiraling yellow circles in the center of the map. Get the three you need and head for the Killer Bee. Matching its speed, again fly behind it firing the Incinerator. When he’s toast, grab the plasma and go back to the peak for the white ring. Refill your weapons and leave through the exit.

Planet Slattershot briefing:

“The Star Boss you destroyed on Ferial has been rebuilt and is out for revenge. Make sure you do the job properly this time and bring his plasma back to power the main gun.”

From starting point, enhanced scanning is to the right between the two roads that exit the right side of the map. (very close by) Rapid fire is on the extreme upper right edge of the map along the top side of the road. Easy way to beat the Boss is, instead of retreating from his advance, stop and wait for him to get close. He’ll stop too, just within the minimum reach his arms will need, to kill you. He’ll start spinning (arms will be moving to the left) so turn slightly to the right to maximize the times a shot will hit them (without missing/wasting shots) and tear him a new one with the Incinerator. When he’s a pile of scrap metal, grab the plasma and go to the exit.

Planet Bohicali briefing:

“The Battle Ship you damaged on Pan Alma has had a refit from the Pernitian Navy. Destroy him properly and recover his plasma.”

This world starts you off under the acid water. Rise and fly straight to the bridge and destroy it. Two convoys will meet their doom. Rapid fire is in the area surrounded by mountains to the right (that the bridge led to) and enhanced scanning is in the other. Find the Boss and follow behind him, unleashing Hammers at the rear guns. When they’re gone, follow him around and as he makes turns, the forward guns will be exposed slightly from the side. Shoot at them until they’re gone. Now, the entire ship is no longer invincible so go to town on it. When complete, get the plasma and dive at the exit to finish.

Planet Panzuel briefing:

“The Pernitians have summoned another armored skull from their boneyards. Destroy it and recover its plasma.”

There are two teleporters at the opposite end of the starting area. The blue one on the left takes you to the larger area above it. Rapid fire can be found in the farthest building at the other end. The building just before it and the one to the immediate left (facing the exit from the entrance) have a weapon pod (1 each). The rest of the buildings conceal Fighters. The blue teleport from here leads to the largest area on the right, starting next to the blue power station at the lower left. Fly around the enemies quickly to the pink teleporter at the other end. It takes you back to the beginning area. Take the white teleporter on the right this time. Upon entering the upper middle area, shoot down any incoming enemies and turn around to get the blue key. Enter the teleporter and you’ll again emerge next to the blue power station in the large, right side area. Unlock it, grab the battery and make for the 1up that was inside the shielded section. You’ll have to use the white ring to get it, unfortunately. (you can lure the Boss into the previously shielded area and quickly replace the battery in the power station to trap him, then replenish weapons or explore the outer area safely) Enable Mortars as your main weapon, find the Boss and reverse away from him as he advances, landing shots inside the skull like shooting baskets. When he’s dust, enter the pink teleporter to land in the original area. It will now be filled with Leeches so don’t delay in exiting.

Bonus Planet

Planet Reiss briefing:

“This planet is going to blow any minute! Switch off the detonator. Then steal all the ammo.”

This level starts with a countdown. Using the speed rings, fly to the teleporter on the left and enter. (the right teleporter brings you right back to the base of the mountain that separates the left and right paths where rapid fire is sitting. Grab it on the way left, if you think you have time) You’ll be in the large upper area of the map near a red, a yellow and a blue dome. Quickly go to the yellow marked ‘cross’ area at far left, destroy the tower in the center and get the red key. Now, full throttle it back to the red dome which will reveal the blue key. Grab it and get to the blue dome. It will reveal the yellow key. Pick it up and go for the yellow power source to pull its battery and disarm the detonator. Replenish whichever weapons you can and enter the tunnel above the mountain range. Fight your way to the end where two collapsible doors block the exit and encase a 1up. Outside the exit door, in the small center area, is a white ring with a 1up in the middle. Take them and double back through the tunnel. Fly to the two side-by-side power stations on the left side of the map. Make your way around the first one you see and the second will appear. Ease between them into the power station to get the battery. The blue power station will drop its dome as you approach revealing a second battery that needs to be removed. When both areas are unlocked, grab the 1ups and other goodies, then get to the teleporter. Back in the starting area, make your way to the exit to end the level.

Planet Talcol briefing:

“Another Tunnel Worm lives on this planet. The Pernitians plan to release it on Earth. Destroy it and bring its plasma to the Sutherland.”

The tunnel at the other end of the starting point is locked by a red door. Take the teleporter and you’ll emerge above the large red and white striped area at the right of the map. (a locked blue dome sits in the middle) Go to the large yellow square at the extreme left of the map. The yellow key is in the center. Take it and fly down through the bottom of the map to pass into the top and unlock the yellow dome on the blue and white striped area at the extreme top of the map. The blue key is inside. Take it to the red and white area to unlock the blue dome, exposing the red key. Enter the teleporter nearby, returning to the starting area. Go into the tunnel and all the way to indestructible door. As you backtrack to the entrance, again the Tunnel Worm will appear. Time your shots with the Incinerator to attack its head (the only vulnerable spot) and the sections of its body will be whittled away until only the (overly difficult to kill) head is left. When you finish the job, exit the tunnel and make this place history.

Planet Kotis briefing:

“The P-Griffon you destroyed earlier was just a prototype. Destroy the production model and grab its plasma.”

From starting point, the blue key and a yellow dome are straight ahead. The area is scattered with red, yellow and blue domes containing weapon pods or mines. Find the Boss and begin the same tactics as before. Avoid him when he approaches with his shields up, firing during those rare instances when they’re down. Soon, he will begin chasing you (and re-appearing right next to you) without his shields up at all. Attack when you’re able. After that, he’ll fully retreat from you dropping mines in his path and shooting Hammers at you. If you can, keep him in your sights and try to match his speed. Pelt him with the Incinerator, or better yet, your regular lasers, to eventually destroy him. Take the plasma and follow Skylar’s suggestion by heading to the exit to go home.

SIDENOTE: I never found (or looked for) the yellow and red keys on this world.

Final Planet

Make your way to the tunnel entrance. (destroying the floating red bulbs on the way there mostly reveals energy units) Go in guns blazing as kamikazes and Leeches will attack immediately. You’ll arrive underwater in the snaking acid river at the upper area of the map. You can’t surface so move as quickly as possible, picking up energy along the way. Look for the holes in the top of this sealed ‘river’ around the second curve and past the first tunnel entrance. Here, you can surface and grab some energy, plus, each has a strategically placed speed ring to help you start the next leg of the river. (In the first area above the river at the second curve there’s only one energy unit. The second area, accessed just past the first tunnel entrance, has quite a few. If you can make it here, you’ll pretty much have it in the bag. The paths to advancing sections are blocked by force fields.) If you’re about to die during the first leg of this area, enter the first tunnel after the third curve. Start firing as the regular enemy types are waiting inside. The red teleporter at the end delivers you to the blue pond at the bottom corner of the map. Shoot fish until your energy is refilled. (You can surface here but only just above the water. Nothing up there but Leeches.) Enter the teleport and you’ll be taken back to the starting area to try again. (Same scenario with the second tunnel entrance.) If you made it to the second set of holes, surfaced and refilled your energy, hit the speed ring, dive and floor it to the tunnel entrance at the end. Make your way to the last tunnel entrance. Inside are three tunnel sections separated by doors. Leeches and kamikazes are in each. When you get to the third door, approach and pass through it SLOWLY. The chamber beyond holds a beating heart (that will instantly destroy your ship if you hit it at full speed like I did lol) Behind it is a pink teleporter. The heart has no defense whatsoever so light it up until it starts to explode. At that time, a 30 second countdown will commence and although the heart is defeated, it won’t disappear or move out of the path. Ease around the left side and enter the teleporter to re-appear in the starting area. The exit to finish the game will be close by. After entering, a cool fmv will play showing the War Griffon navigating some hellacious turns to escape the doomed planet, into space. Once it’s shown safely back on board the Sutherland, the Sean Connery sounding guy will give props for a job well done. The scene changes to a view of a planet and War Griffon launches/landings while some dude talking, credits the programmers while totally and purposely screwing up their names lol.


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