Candy Catcher


Trick or treat, Halloween! It is Halloween night and you are out looking to get some candy. Of course, your goal is to get as much candy as you possibly can because there never is enough candy. You control a character who moves horizontally at the bottom of the screen and who must use his bucket (shaped like a jack-o’-lantern) to collect the candies as they fall.

Sounds simple? It’s not that simple as there is this nasty robot that keeps running from side to side trying to catch you so you can’t get candy. What happens if he touches you? The game is over! Thankfully, you can make your character jump to avoid the robot or, even better, crush him so you have freedom to move around (albeit temporarily). You earn points for picking up candy and crushing the robot but you also lose points if the robot picks up candy, candy reaches the floor, or candy hits you. Candy Catcher is a simple game but it is lots of fun to play. The graphics are rather basic but, notably, the character you control and the robot were made to look like their counterparts from another 2600 game – Berzerk. The falling candies are rendered in only one colour but you can easily tell what they are. Sound is also minimal but it does the trick. To make the game more challenging you can use the difficulty switches to make the robot reappear quicker after you’ve crushed it.


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