Arcade Classics


Arcade Classics is a compilation of three Atari games for the Sega Genesis/MD. These games are Centipede, Missile Command, and Ultra Pong. The first two are pretty much direct ports of the arcade games but the Ultra Pong is an updated version of Pong that also includes a variant called Hockey.

This cartridge was released in 1996 and it features a simple but nicely rendered menu screen for the player to select the game they want to play. The screen combines visuals from all three games and it takes the player to another menu where it is possible to select options for each game. In Missile Command the player can choose gameplay for one or two players, skill level, control speed, wave speed, and cruise “intelligence.” Missile Command has the original arcade version (which has been modified to only use one base) as well as an enhanced version with improved visuals. The gameplay is the same in both versions, which is a bit slower than the arcade. I’m guessing this may have to do with the controller. Centipede offers one or two player options (simultaneous and alternating) with four skill levels to choose from. As with Missile Command, both the standard arcade version and a visually enhanced version are available. No changes in gameplay were made in the enhanced version but the visuals now add a background with grass. The grass is a bit bright, making it more difficult to play the game. This is a case where less is more and the classic version is the way to go. Ultra Pong (and Hockey) also have enhanced versions but here the enhancement is in sound, not in visuals. This compilation suffers from slowdown and the control response is sluggish. The graphics are fine but the slowdown detracts from the fun.


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